The Top 50 Medical Device and MedTech Industry Resources

The medical device industry is ever-evolving as new technologies, innovative thinkers, and regulations emerge on a near-daily basis. Plus, compliance issues, tax laws, and federal and international standards complicate the process for manufacturers, designers, engineers, and C-suite level executives who want to get their medical devices approved and to market as fast as possible to start turning a profit.
With so much information and technology available, it can be difficult to know where to turn for reliable, up-to-date resources. So, we have searched the internet to provide you with the most useful news sources, blogs, webinars, reports, resource libraries, and other resources available from experts and industry leaders who have their eyes turned to the latest regulations and technology in the medical device field. We offer our top 50 medical device industry resources listed here, in no particular order.
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News Sources: Articles, Journals, Magazines, and Newsletters
1. FDAnews
FDAnews is geared toward the industries regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and provides “domestic and international regulatory, legislative and business news and information for executives” in those industries. Medical device professionals use FDAnews’ publications to stay in compliance with international standards and the FDA’s continuously changing regulations to speed up the process of getting their products to market and to increase profits.
Key Topics:

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2. U.S. Medical Device Industry in Critical Condition
U.S. Medical Device Industry In Critical Condition (Forbes)
Henry I. Miller, Forbes contributor, explains how the United States’ status as the global leader in medial devices is in jeopardy. Miller points to public policy, specifically the Affordable Care Act, as one of the major culprits to blame for the downtrend in medial device profits.
Key Topics:

  • The devastating 2.3% excise tax as part of the Affordable Care Act
  • The United States’ medical device is vulnerable, as 80% of its companies have 50 or fewer employees
  • Many device firms are shutting down or moving abroad for more favorable tax rates and regulations in Europe

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3. Journal of Medical Devices
Journal of Medical Devices
The Journal of Medical Devices is part of the digital collection of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The journal includes papers on medical devices “that improve diagnostic interventional and therapeutic treatments focusing on applied research and the development of new medical devices or instrumentation.” Also included is special coverage of new devices for innovative surgical strategies and new methods of drug delivery, among other topics of interest to the medical device industry.
Key Features:

  • Design Innovation category
  • Medical Device news section
  • Co-editors and editorial board feature leading researchers from top universities


  • Limited access available FREE online
  • Contact for subscription rates for individuals and packages

4. Medical Devices/Diagnostics news
Medical Devices:Diagnostic news
Provided by MNT Medical Devices, Medical Devices/Diagnostic news offers the most up-to-date medical devices and diagnostics news. Articles come from well-respected research centers, top universities, and prestigious journals.
Key Topics:

  • Product recalls
  • New technological developments
  • Robotic surgery
  • Medical devices

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5. European Medical Device Technology
European Medical Device Technology
An online news source, European Medical Device Technology (EMDT) features technical articles with in-depth coverage of the medical device industry. The magazine is published six times a year, and the site also offers a blog for more medical device industry news and information.
Key Topics:

  • Materials issues
  • Design breakthroughs
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Regulations


  • Limited access available FREE online
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6. Health Affairs
Health Affairs
Health Affairs combines news on health, health care, and policy with a focus on the medical device industry. As the leading journal of health policy through and research, the peer-reviewed journal seeks to provide “a high-level, nonpartisan forum to promote analysis and discussion on improving health and health care, and to address such issues as cost, quality, and access.” The site is easily searched, and more than 6,000 articles are available with the tag “medical devices.”
Key Topics:

  • Physician-industry cooperation
  • Price transparency
  • Growth and innovation in medical devices
  • Medicare coverage of medical devices


  • Limited access available FREE online
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7. Hospitals & Health Networks
Hospitals & Health Networks
The flagship publication of the American Hospital Association (AHA), Hospitals & Health Networks (HHN) also is the leading publication for hospital executives. The homepage for the magazine features links to the magazine archives, white papers, commentary, special reports, and research for more medical device industry information.
Key Topics:

  • Seeing device costs clearly
  • Medical device regulations
  • Healthcare information technology
  • Medical devices and electronic health


  • Limited access available FREE online
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8. Managed Healthcare Executive
Managed Healthcare Executive
Managed Healthcare Executive offers analysis on the healthcare industry for managed care executives, medial directors, and other healthcare professionals. Access the latest issue and links to industry analysis, policy topics, and legal issues related to medical devices and other health-care industry issues.
Key Topics:

  • Taxes and regulations for medical devices
  • Bogus medical devices at trade shows
  • FDA seeks medical device input
  • Medial device testing


  • Limited access available FREE online
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9. Modern Healthcare
Modern Healthcare
Modern Healthcare is an award-winning source for healthcare business news, research, and opinion. The site offers links to news, research, opinion pieces, the blog, videos, webinars, and more for your medical device industry information search.
Key Topics:

  • Repealing the device tax
  • Implant trials
  • Medical device hack-attacks


  • Limited access available FREE online
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  • Daily Dose e-Newsletter: $59/year
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10. Clinica MedTech Intelligence
Clinica MedTech Intelligence
Clinica Medtech Intelligence is a global medtech intelligence service offering medical device news, analysis, and insight. Clinica’s mission is to help readers remain ahead of their competitors by highlighting opportunities for growth and providing a guide to the regulations affecting the worldwide medtech industry.
Key Topics:

  • Compliance is key
  • Imported Chinese devices
  • EU struggles over regulating high-risk devices

Cost: FREE trial available and FREE eBulletin

  • FREE limited access
  • Clinica Medtech Intelligence: Subscription – $3310
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11. Medical Design
Medical Design
The source for the design and manufacture of medical devices, Medical Design is a magazine that provides readers with the latest technical developments, innovative materials and components, and critical viewpoints related to the medical device industry.
Key Topics:

  • Updates from the FDA
  • Medical production machine of the month
  • Show preview
  • Information on tubing, electronic components, and contract manufacturers


  • Limited access available FREE online
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12. Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) is devoted to the medical device and diagnostic industry. An online and print resource, MD+DI is geared toward original equipment manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products with the mission of helping medtech industry professionals “develop, design, and manufacture products that comply with complex and demanding regulations and evolving market requirements.” Readers wanting more information from MD+DI also can subscribe to the three-times-weeklyemail newsletter.
Key Topics:

  • Sensor technologies
  • Medical device quality planning
  • Novel wearables
  • Harnessing technology


  • Limited access available FREE online
  • Contact for subscription rates

13. Medical Device Daily
Medical Device Daily
Medical Device Daily is “med-tech’s most respected news source for 15 years” and now is a part of Thomson Reuters. The business-focused intelligence service is the flagship publication of BioWorld’s med-tech group and offers unbiased news, written by the industry’s best reporters, for an executive audience that wants to remain in the front of the medical industry pack.
Key Topics:

  • Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit
  • Keeping an eye on the FDA
  • MDD Stock Watch
  • MDD’s Neurology Extra


  • Limited access available FREE online
  • Contact for subscription rates

14. Medical Product Manufacturing News
Medical Product Manufacturing News
Qmed, a news, information, technology, and supplier resource for the medical device industry, provides site visitors and readers with links to their blog, resources, and events. For the latest medical device industry news, Qmed offers Medical Product Manufacturing News, an online magazine published once every two months that is “the source for cutting-edge medical products and technologies.”
Key Topics:

  • Top medtech breakthroughs
  • Top U.S. cities for medtech innovation
  • The greatest medical devices of all time


  • Limited access available FREE online
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15. Medical Design Technology
Medical Design Technology
Medical Design Technology (MDT) offers the latest on medical device design and manufacturing news, trends, and analysis. Known as being the “essential resource for the medical design engineering community, MDT specifically focuses on diagnostics, cardiovascular and implants in the medical device industry.
Key Topics:

  • Innovative technology
  • Ebola help from medtech
  • Reducing costs in the medical device industry
  • Functional capabilities of emerging medical devices

Cost: FREE subscription
16. The Gray Sheet
The Gray Sheet
Pharma & Medtech Business Intelligence provides essential insight with their newsletter, The Gray Sheet. Celebrating 40 years in publication, The Gray Sheet specifically offers expert, in-depth coverage of the medical device and diagnostic industries and is a trusted resource for device and diagnostics C-suite executives, regulatory affairs staff, clinical affairs staff, and other officials.
Key Topics:

  • FDA expectations
  • Diagnostic testing
  • EU Device Oversight

Cost: FREE trial available

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17. Medgadget
Providing medical technology news from around the world, Medgadget is an independent publication edited and published by a group of medical doctors and biomedical engineers. With a variety of resources including videos, articles, opinion pieces, and more, Medgadget is a trusted resource for medical device industry news and information.
Key Topics:

  • Investing in medical devices
  • Innovative and emerging medtech
  • Medical device trials and testing

Cost: FREE
18. FDA Medical Devices Industry
FDA Medical Device Industry
The United States Food and Drug Administration also provides resources for the medical devices industry. As a government agency, the FDA specifically provides regulatory news, services, documents, and more  for the medical devices industry.
Key Topics:

  • Medical devices and radiation-emitting product guidance
  • Medical Device Reporting (MDR), standards for medical devices, and third-party inspection for devices
  • Device Advice: Comprehensive regulatory assistance

Cost: FREE
19. Emergo
The Emergo Group are consultants for medical device regulatory compliance on a global scale. With expertise in medical device registration, QMS compliance and audits, in-country representation, regulatory consulting, and other areas critical to the industry, the Emergo Group provides a robust, trustworthy blog dedicated to the medical device industry.
Three posts we like from Emergo:

20. MassDevice
MassDevice “provides new and information for the medical device industry and the companies that drive it.” MassDevice’s blogs, along with their other publications, provide original reports and quality news about the medical device industry for their readers.
21. Device Talk
Device Talk
Device Talk, the blog of MD+DI, features frequently updated posts in several areas of the medical device industry. Blog categories include business, regulatory/legal, technology, analysis, and development to give readers a well-rounded view of the medical device industry.
Three posts we like from Device Talk:

22. Medicaldeviceslegal
Erik Vollebreght, a life sciences and IP lawyer based in Amsterdam, is a founding partner of Axon Lawyers and has a particular focus on medical devices. His goal with the medicaldeviceslegal blog is to inform readers about the European Union’s legal and regulatory developments in medical devices.
Three posts we like from Medicaldeviceslegal:

23. FDA Law Blog
FDA Law Blog
The official blog of Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C., FDA Law Blog offers regularly updated posts about medical devices. The expertise of the lawyers in the area of medical devices is evident in their thoroughly written analytical and insightful articles.
Three posts we like from FDA Law Blog:

24. AptivSolutions Medical Device Blog

AptivSolutions Medical Device Blog
Aptiv Solutions focuses on enhancing clinical trial decision-making and development for drugs and medical devices. The Medical Device Blog features posts in categories covering FDA medical device regulations, medical device clinical trials, medical device market, and medical device quality assurance, among others.
Three posts we like from AptivSolutions Medical Device Blog:

25. Inside Medical Devices
Inside Medical Devices
Inside Medical Devices, a blog from Covington & Burling LLP, showcases the firm’s practical experience and strategic advice geared toward regulatory issues and other important legal areas in the medical device industry. The blog specifically covers FDA device regulation, products liability, medical information technology, and other topics in the field.
Three posts we like from Inside Medical Devices:

26. MedicalDeviceSummit
Medical Device Summit
MedicalDeviceSummit, an industry-specific website, serves the medical device industry globally. The site offers a blog-type news source that includes pieces on news, technology, trends, regulations, and expert opinions related to the medical device industry.
Two posts we like from MedicalDeviceSummit:

27. Medical Device Blog
Medical Device Blog
Knobbe Martens, IP attorneys, provide and the Medical Device Blog with the hope of introducing the “most current thought leadership and industry developments that may inform your strategy as well as the practical considerations that can help move your venture forward.” Geared toward entrepreneurs, investors, corporate board members, and others exploring a start-up, joint venture, or spin-off in the medical device industry, the Medical Device Blog provides legal and regulation news for the medical device industry.
Two posts we like from Medical Device Blog:

White Papers
28. Medical Device Regulations in the Main Global Markets
Medical Device Regulations in the Main Global Markets
The SGS Group is a leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification. Their white paper, Medical Device Regulations in the Main Global Markets, discusses medical device regulations in the 13 global markets.
Key Topics:

  • Summarizes the main aspects of the medical device regulations that apply to the 13 global markets
  • Indicates the main requirements, approvals, and registrations needed by the manufacturer before devices legally can be sold in those markets
  • Contains the new regulations for Notified Bodies published by the European Commission at the end of September 2014

Cost: FREE
29. Capsule Knowledge Center
Capsule is a medical device information systems company and provides medical device integration solutions for healthcare organizations. Capsule’s Knowledge Center offers more than a dozen white papers providing insight and analysis for the medical device industry.
Key Topics:

  • The risks of waiting for medical device connectivity
  • Questions hospital executives need to ask about device integration
  • Making medical devices IHE compliant

Cost: FREE
30. Sterling Medical Devices
Sterling Medical Devices
Sterling Medical Devices “specializes in the design, development, and testing of medical devices to successfully navigate the FDA and CE approval process.” Their downloadable white papers provide valuable industry information and information on Sterling medical devices.
Key Topics:

  • Common pitfalls of the medical device FDA submission process
  • Software verification for medical devices
  • Software development process overview

Cost: FREE
31. Medical Device Network
Medical Device Network
Medical Device Netowrk provides resources for the medical device and diagnostic industry. Their extensive library of white papers offers the most critical information and innovative solutions in the medical device industry.
Key Topics:

  • Biopsy devices
  • Wireless devices
  • Material solutions
  • Testing and compliance

Cost: FREE
32. BSI Group
BSI Group
BSI Group “provides rigorous quality management reviews and product certifications for medical device manufacturers around the world.” Their white papers aim to help members of the medical device industry perform better by reducing risk and making excellence an organization habit.
Key Topics:

  • The FDA’s UDI system final rule
  • Effective post-market surveillance
  • Effectively analyzing medical device safety and performance

Cost: FREE
33. Cerner
A global health company dedicated to improving health care delivery and the health of communities, Cerner always is building on its foundation of intelligent solutions for the health care industry. Cerner produces white papers that focus on topics important to medical device connectivity.
Key Topics:

  • Improving patient engagement through interactive technology
  • Impacting care and efficiency in emergency departments with medical devices
  • Improving patient satisfaction through medical device use

Cost: FREE
34. Medical Device Trials Resources
Medical Device Trials Resources
Novella Clinical serves the oncology and medical device industries. Novella offers white papers featuring their medical device expertise and focusing on medical device trials.
Key Topics:

  • Regulations for combination products
  • Premarket device development
  • Best practices in trials
  • 501(k) reform’s impact on medical device developers

Cost: FREE
Business Intelligence Reports and Resource Libraries
35. Epsicom
Epsicom Business Intelligence is a UK-based company with 30 years of experience providing business intelligence on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare and therapeutics. Their business reports provide diagnostics, medical device market information, and company analysis, among other services for those who need the best market information for medical devices.
Key Resources:

  • Reports on device markets by sector
  • Company reports
  • Industry reports
  • Insights
  • Special reports


  • Medical Devices Company Reports: $515
  • Medical Devices Industry Reports: $1295
  • Medical Devices Insights Reports: $1095
  • Medical Devices Special Reports: prices vary

36. Medical Devices Research Guide
Medical Devices Research Guide
The Baker Library | Bloomberg Center at Harvard Business School offers its Medical Devices Research Guide as a starting point for research on the medical devices industry. The guide centers on the best available resources for the Harvard Business School community.
Key Resources:

  • Overviews and analysis
  • Regulation
  • Companies
  • News and journals

Cost: FREE
37. FierceMedicalDevices
Providing daily news and analysis on medical devices and diagnostics, FierceMedicalDevices also offers a vast library of resources pertinent to the industry. FireceMedicalDevices places a special emphasis on clinical studies, FDA/EMEA regulations, emerging technologies, and post-marketing.
Key Resources:

  • Webinars focus on biotech, clinical trials, real-world evidence, and other topics
  • eBooks on phase IV research, real-world data, securing data, and more
  • White papers cover PACs

Cost: FREE and paid resources available
38.  Webinar Recording: ISO 14971 Series
Webinar Recording
Intertek, a company that provides quality and safety solutions to a wide range of industries, offers its Webinar Recording: ISO 14971 Series. This webinar is led by Joel Smith, Intertek’s Senior Project Engineer for Medical Devices and focuses on the device’s life cycle.
Key Topics:

  • How to optimize your risk management system
  • Best practices to apply throughout the device’s life cycle
  • Applying ISO 14971 requirements for a safe, effective product delivered on time and within budget

Cost: FREE
39. Q1 Productions
Q1 Productions
Q1 Productions is well known for their informational conference programs on the life science industry, including those on diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. They also offer several webinars related to the medical device industry.
Key Topics:

  • Unannounced audit best practices
  • Successful validation
  • Addressing CAPA within a Device Quality System


  • One Line Registration: $395/webinar
  • Multiple Line Registration, Maximum 10 Access Lines: $795/webinar

40. Quality System Regulation Webinar Series
Quality System Regulation Webinar Series
A nine-part webinar series, the Quality System Regulation (QSR) webinars provide “a comprehensive overview of the Quality System Regulation and related topics.” The webinars feature experts in the field and cover key areas of quality management, including a presentation and discussion of FDA documents, practical guidelines, best practices, and others. These webinars are recorded and available on demand.
Key Topics:

  • How and why medical device manufacturers should control quality
  • FDA regulatory and quality responsibilities every employee should know
  • The QSR and related regulations and guidances
  • Documentation requirements and best practices
  • Principles of complaints and reportable events


  • Individual attendees
    • Webinar 1: FREE
    • Webinars 2-9: $495/webinar
      • Additional attendees from the same company: $295/webinar
    • All 9 webinars: $1980
      • Additional attendees from the same company: $1180 for all 9
  • Enterprise licenses
    • Webinar 1: FREE
    • Webinars 2-9: $1720 for an unlimited number of attendees to a single webinar
    • All 9 Webinars: $7900 for an unlimited number of attendees to all 9 webinars

41. Medical Device Webinars
Medical Device Webinars
BioTech Primer (BTP) industry experts focus on the science driving the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. BTP also provides professionals with a thorough understanding of the business and regulatory processes behind the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Their medical device webinars cover topics of importance specifically to that industry.
Key Topics:

  • Medical device development
  • Medical device overview and regulation
  • Diagnostic development, approval, and reimbursement

Cost: $129 per webinar
Professional Associations and Groups
42. MassMEDIC
An organization of medial device manufacturers, suppliers and non-profit groups in Massachusetts and surrounding areas, the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC) is the largest regional medical device association in the United States. With over 350 members, MassMEDIC and its members have enhanced the medtech industry and established Massachusetts as the United States’ second largest medical technology community.
Key Resources:

  • Program presentations
  • Member reports
  • Job bank
  • Suppliers directory
  • MassMEDIC monthly newsletters

Cost: FREE
43. Advanced Medical Technology Association
Advanced Medical Technology Association
The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) is the leading association for medtech manufacturers. AdvaMed provides legislative, regulatory, and news resources as it “promotes policies that foster the highest ethical standards, rapid product approvals, appropriate reimbursement, and access to international markets.” AdvaMed’s Resource Center is a robust source for guidance, comments, fact sheets, studies, and more information on medical devices.
Key Resources:

  • Case for quality guidance document
  • Best practices on sample products, loaned products, and consignment products guidance document
  • Public affairs fact sheets


  • Limited access available FREE online
  • Contact for membership rates to access member content

44. National Electrical Manufacturers Association
The Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is the association of electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers. Overall, NEMA’s mission is to be the voice for the electrical and medical imaging industries and to champion safety and innovation through advocacy, business information, and standards.
Key Resources:

  • Manufacturer disclosure statement for medical device security
  • Code of ethics for medial imaging equipment manufacturers
  • Statement of support for efficiency and R&D and concern about LIFO and device tax in 2015


  • Limited access available FREE online
  • Contact for membership rates to access member content

45. Medical Device Manufacturers Association
Medical Device Manufacturers Association
The Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) assists innovative and entrepreneurial medical technology companies with education and advocacy. With their focus on education, MDMA offers a broad range of industry resources, including webinars, articles, reports, and other publications.
Key Resources:

  • The realities of UDI implementation webinar
  • NAMSA white papers – research reports on regulatory environments
  • Report on Chinese manufacturing’s scandals and opportunities


  • Limited access available FREE online
  • Contact for membership rates to access member content

46. Medical Devices Group
Medical Devices Group
A private group on LinkedIn, the Medical Devices Group is billed as the “largest medical device community in the world and the industry’s only spam-free, curated forum for intelligent conversations with medical device thought leaders.” With more than 251,500 members and 19 subgroups, the Medical Devices Group is one of the leading resources for medical device information, insights, and expertise.
Key Features:

  • Spam-free, meaningful discussion and debate
  • Opportunities to network with medical device company representatives
  • Access to specialized subgroups
  • Job leads
  • Opportunities to meet in person

Cost: FREE
Conferences and Forums
47. 10x Medical Device Conference
May 4-6, 2015
San Diego, CA
10X Medical Device Conference
After two successful conferences, the 10x Medical Device Conference is slated to run a third year and cover subjects that affect that entire medical device industry. With more than 175 guests, 32 speakers, 108 companies, and 10 hours of networking time, the 10x Medical Device Conference is one of the best resources available for those in the medical device industry.
Key Features:

  • Daily workshops and keynote presentations
  • Welcome reception and manufacturers showcase
  • Speakers include FDA, CEOs, and top opinion leaders


  • Conference Pricing: Sale pricing through October 31, 2014
    • Tuesday + Wednesday: $1295
    • Tuesday only: $895
    • Wednesday only: $795
  • Add Monday’s keynote and 2-hour welcome reception: $85
  • Add a workshop: $295 each

48. American Society for Artificial Internal Organs
June 24-27, 2015
Chicago, Illinois
ASAIO Medical Device Entrepreur's Forum
The American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) holds a special session, ASAIO Medical Device Entrepreneur’s Forum, at the annual conference to unite scientific research, clinical practice, regulatory affairs, and new business development. The goal is “to foster interaction and education among clinical, research, industry, and government stakeholders toward understanding strategies that accelerate the commercialization of innovative medical technologies.”
Key Features:

  • Three business plan proposals will be presented at the Forum before a panel of experts
  • Entrepreneurs and conference attendees have time to network
  • A special focus on any innovative medical device used for the treatment or diagnosis of disease

Cost: Contact for registration fees
49. MEDevice Conference & Showcase
September 1-2, 2015
San Diego, CA
MEDevice Conference & Showcase
The MEDevice San Diego Conference features many leading experts addressing issues that currently impact device design projects. The two-day conference covers a wide variety of topics in the medical device industry, including 3D printing, disruptive innovation, and others.
Key Features:

  • Unrestricted session hopping between the two conference tracks
  • Dedicated networking drinks reception
  • Hands-on opportunities with exhibitors

Cost: Contact for registration fees
50. Medical Devices Summit West 2015
July 2015
Medical Devices Summit West 2015
Organized by Opal Events, the Medical Devices Summit West 2015 will focus on “reducing risk and increasing return through cutting edge business strategy and technological innovation.” Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to work closely with thought leaders and share ideas, experiences, and strategies for the medical device industry.
Key Features:

  • Industry-leading experts and speakers
  • Promoting novel technologies and strategizing to foster development
  • Networking time to revolutionize the medical devices industry


  • Service Providers Early Bird: $795
  • Medical Device Manufacturers, Academia, Government: $495
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