Health & Fitness Equipment


Health & Fitness Equipment

TreadmillMembrane Switches are the perfect alternative to mechanical switches in exercise equipment. The majority of exercise equipment manufacturers are now incorporating membrane switches into their designs due to several factors. Membrane Switches can be actuated a minimum of 1,000,000 times prior to any failure. These membrane keypads are chemical resistant and are easily cleaned with household cleaners. While mechanical switches allow for dirt and dust to accumulate around the raised button area, membrane switches are flat and have no raised areas where dirt can accumulate.

The products manufactured are treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers, rowing machines and elliptical trainers. The two major markets are the home market and commercial market (health clubs and hotels). In the home market, most equipment sold is home weightlifting, treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. Although treadmills continue to be the largest segment of the market, elliptical trainers are by far and away the fastest-growing segment of the market boosted by in-home sales to people that prefer the complete workout elliptical trainers provide.

Cost is always a factor when manufacturers look to design switches into their fitness equipment. The cost effectiveness and high quality of membrane switches make them the perfect complement to this growing market.


Pannam understands the need for a reliable, dependable, membrane switch that stands up to the unique environment and durability requirements necessary for fitness equipment. Our engineers will guide you towards which materials, adhesives and components are best suited to withstand the specific environment in which your product must operate.

Graphic Overlays

Fitness EquipmentOur graphic overlays are printed on state of the art digital printing presses. We can print more for less by eliminating the expense of films and screens used in the conventional screen-printing process. Our digital printing capability enables you to incorporate creative graphics, design, and branding imagery into your keypad overlays.