Technologies for Rugged Environments

RuggedThere are several elements and environmental conditions that can cause potential problems for membrane switch technologies, including:

  • Outdoor exposure to sunlight and UV rays
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals and/or solvents
  • Operator (mechanical) abuse
  • Dust and debris, often a problem for devices used outdoors
  • Extreme humidity
  • Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold
  • Atmospheric pressure at high altitudes
  • Moisture ingress

For this reason it is essential that your membrane switch supplier offer creative solutions to these challenges, both through unique switching technologies such as:

Much of the process in designing membrane switch technologies for harsh environments involves selecting the appropriate materials and components to provide the protection necessary to ensure the integrity of each component within the membrane switch assembly.

Rugged SwitchThe key considerations are choosing durable materials for the graphic overlay and selecting pressure-sensitive adhesives with the ability to withstand potential contaminants and other elements that could impact performance. A special adhesive sealing process can also be used to create an impervious bond that’s unaffected by the harsh conditions that would ordinarily cause device failure.

There are a range of options when it comes to durable materials and components capable of standing up in harsh, abusive, or rugged environments.

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