About Pannam

Pannam Is a Division of Horizons Incorporated

Pannam Imaging is a recognized worldwide leader specializing in the manufacture of complex, mid-to-low volume integrated human-machine interfaces with unique functional, graphic or performance requirements. Our products are sold to markets such as Industrial Controls, Medical Equipment, and Diagnostic, Detection, Test, and Measurement equipment.

We utilize extensive application engineering experience to produce tight-tolerance, feature-rich user-interface assemblies that will operate in the most challenging environments.

Pannam is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our certification applies to the covers design, manufacturing and, most importantly, customer focus.

Horizons Incorporated is a global technology company comprised of five commercially independent divisions. Our business divisions help organizations identify and track their assets or products in all types of environments using a variety of marking methods, services and software applications. We specialize in marking critical assets in demanding environments such as defense, aerospace, transportation, energy and healthcare.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Horizons Incorporated serves a worldwide client base and has additional offices in:

  • Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)
  • Bristol, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Melbourne, Australia (AU)

To learn more, visit the Horizons Incorporated corporate website.

Our Team

When you partner with Pannam, you work side-by-side with some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the membrane switch business. Our combined knowledge base encompasses many years of industry-specific, application-based experience in the membrane switch industry.

Ted Vovos

Ted Vovos


  • 25 years experience in the membrane switch industry
  • Joined Pannam in 2016
  • Enjoys woodworking, camping and longboarding
  • tvovos@pannam.com
  • 216-518-7806
Steve Collins

Steve Collins

Sales Rep/Owner of MMI Display Systems

  • Covers VA, MD, DE, Eastern & Central PA,
    Southern NJ
  • 28 years experience in the membrane switch industry
  • Enjoys fishing, sports, and cooking
  • stevec@mmidisplaysystems.com
  • 410-239-6451 / 443-794-5948
Ed Wiercinski

Ed Wiercinski

Engineering Manager

    • 31 years experience in the membrane switch industry
    • Formerly Engineering Mgr. of Technigraphics of MD
    • Avid biking enthusiast
    • ewiercinski@pannam.com
    • 216-587-7309


Herb Gieseler

Herb Gieseler

Senior Engineer

  • 30 years experience in the membrane switch industry
  • Joined Pannam in 1985
  • Enjoys golf and working with youth
  • hergie@pannam.com
  • 216-587-0047
Aurora Schwind

Aurora Schwind

Customer Service Team Leader

  • Joined Pannam in 2014
  • Enjoys cooking, scrapbooking, reading and writing
  • aschwind@pannam.com
  • 216-714-0032
Matt Krysiak

Matt Krysiak

Marketing Manager

  • Joined Pannam in 2017
  • 10 years experience in marketing and graphic design
  • Enjoys the graphic arts and camping
  • mkrysiak@horizonsisg.com
  • 1-800-482-7758 Ext. 2239

The Horizon Incorporated Companies

Manufacturer of printable aluminum technologies used in applications where durability and readability are critical.
Manufacturer of custom nameplates, panels, signs and labels.
Manufacturer of durable barcode labels and other identification technologies to help organizations manage their assets and comply with item-unique tracking requirements.
Manufacturer of printed electronics, including membrane switches and keypads.
The world leader in asset tracking program and software implementation, including Unique Item Identification (UID) implementation for defense agencies and their suppliers.


Horizons Incorporated

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Cleveland, OH 44128