Rapid Prototyping

rapid prototyping

Product development cycles sometimes require the need for rapid prototyping. Often this need is driven by milestones such as a proof-of-concept, or the need to provide a product demo at a trade show.

Pannam has made significant investments in equipment to achieve a completely digital production process. State-of-the-art digital printing presses and high-speed laser cutting fabrication equipment have enabled Pannam to dramatically reduce setup times, avoid expensive tooling costs, and shorten delivery times.  These capabilities also enable Pannam to quickly create a full membrane switch assembly prototypes, complete with a rigid back panel. We can deliver rapid prototype graphic overlays and membrane switches as quickly as 10 business days after you approve Pannam Imaging’s design.

While we always place the highest priority on quality, lead time is the over-riding factor in our prototyping services. Please keep in mind that membrane switch prototypes are guaranteed to serve as proof-of-concept parts, not as pre-production or production-quality parts. This means the parts will achieve your objectives for fit, form, and function. The parts will be electrically functional, overlay colors will be reasonably close to the specified colors, and the parts may not be produced to meet exact, production-ready specifications.

Prototype Membrane Switches and Overlays

10 pieces – 10 days from design approval.

Standard Prototype Features

  • Digitally printed graphics (unlimited CMYK colors + White)
  • Overlay material: textured, gloss, anti-glare or selective textured hardcoat polyester
  • Metal snap dome tactile buttons
  • EMI or RF Shielding with a printed silver matrix
  • Standard LED options
  • 3M 200MP or 300LSE pressure sensitive adhesive backed
  • Optional stock aluminum back panel with PEM inserts
  • Watertight construction

Special Prototype Features*

  • Screen printed graphics
  • Metallic printed graphics
  • Tinted window options
  • Additional components such as PCB assemblies
  • Backlighting components such as LGF, fiber optic lamps or EL lamps
  • Barcode, QR code or data matrix code tracking option

*Lead times and starting prices utilize standard materials and digital printing processes. Special materials, printing and other processes may increase lead time and/or prices.

Pannam Imaging has decades of experience in assisting clients through the prototyping process.  Using our cutting-edge printing and fabrication capabilities, we are prepared to meet your demanding delivery requirements.

Contact us now with your delivery requirements, and we’ll work together with you to meet your delivery date.

Visit our Product Gallery to learn more about the various constructions and product features we can offer, and learn how Pannam can customize your membrane switch assembly to meet and exceed your unique application requirements.