Membrane Switch Design Guide

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Inside our Membrane Switch Design Guide, we break down the various components that should be considered in the user interface membrane switch design process and explain what to expect through every step of the process. Complete the form below and the free guide will be emailed to the address you provide.

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Read our Membrane Switch Design Guide now for a look at the essential design considerations in creating the ideal user interface design for your application, including:

  • How the design process works, from start to finish.
  • What to prepare – production drawings, e-files, etc.
  • Overlay considerations, including materials, printing, display windows, and embossing.
  • Circuit considerations, including production options, and electrical schematics.
  • Lighting considerations, including optical fibers, EL lamps, and LEDs.
  • Electrical specifications.
  • Actuation force and design considerations for specific applications.
  • Shielding options.
  • Membrane switch backing considerations.
  • A complete glossary of user interface design terms.