Integrated Membrane Switch Assemblies

Integrated User-Interface Assemblies

A user-interface assembly (also called a man-machine interface or human-machine interface) is a fully-featured, complete turnkey input device that incorporates a variety of electronic components that connect the operator to the machine. It is a value-added assembly of different components that allows the customer to simply “plug in” or “bolt on” to their equipment.

What are the Features & Benefits User-Interface Assemblies?

  • single-source solution from one supplier
  • Reduces your purchasing costs and simplifies your purchasing effort
    • erase multiple PO’s with multiple suppliers – save time with less tracking
    • convenience of one PO for the entire user-interface assembly
    • eliminate minimum quantity requirements for numerous component parts
    • simplicity of one delivery time
  • Saves time and reduces your assembly costs with a “plug-in”, “bolt-on” user-interface

Why Pannam?

From traditional switching/sensing interfaces, to elastomer keypad assemblies, to display-based touch screens and touch panels, Pannam specializes in the integration of these various technologies into complex, feature-rich user-interface assemblies.

Pannam’s advanced fabrication capabilities and network of qualified suppliers enables us to source the sub-components needed to successfully complete your project. The result is that you work with one dependable partner, saving you valuable time and money, while decreasing time to market. Technologies and features may include:

Our experienced application engineers work alongside you through each phase, from the initial design consultation, to identifying unique requirements, artwork and design approval, prototyping, inspection & testing, and finally, shipping.

Your fully integrated assemblies arrive ready to plug in and use, just the way you had envisioned — no surprises, no disappointments.

Pannam’s formula for success is simple…

  1. You will realize the greatest value by consulting with us early about your project — we’ll be able to recommend the best and most cost-effective integrated solution for your application, while considering function and performance, aesthetics, budget, and time to market.
  2. You are included as a member of our design team. Together, we pool our strengths, experiences, and knowledge.
  3. To this creative mix, we add the partnerships we have established with trusted component vendors. This opens up a broad selection of options, enabling us to make the best selections possible for your integrated assemblies.

Visit our Product Gallery to learn more about the various constructions and product features we can offer, and learn how Pannam can customize your user-interface assembly to meet and exceed your unique application requirements.

Contact us today for an integrated approach.

  1. Contact us for a price quote — and to begin working with Pannam Imaging’s design team for a single-source approach to create a custom integrated user-interface assembly.

    The integration of custom components to your membrane switch assembly can often add significant functionality and enhance the user experience when operating your equipment.

    Some of the more common components are:

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