thiNcoder® Rotor

Keypad Technologies for Demanding Environments

What is thiNcoder?

The thiNcoder® rotor is an ultra-thin, non-invasive encoder that enables greater keypad design customization. Additionally, the DuraSwitch thiNcoder® rotor is the only rotary switch that can be mounted directly on a flex circuit, providing easy integration with other switches.

This patented rotary switch offers new possibilities for thin-panel design, integrating easily into a traditional flat panel keyboard. An extremely low profile delivers a thinner, lighter unit with inherent sealing capabilities against contaminants, such as dirt and moisture. These features increase design capabilities, and extends the life of your product.

thiNcoder rotorthiNcoder rotor

Advantages of thiNcoder®

  • Ultra-thin profile – package thickness below the overlay is less than 0.087”
  • No soldering required
  • Durable and reliable
  • Sealed Construction
  • No parasitic power required
  • Multiple codes and indexing options
  • Low-energy circuit capable; Dry circuit compatible
  • Customizable detent/stops and knobs
  • Design Flexibility
    • Easy to integrate with PushGate® and other switch components
    • Will work with either a rigid PCB or FPC
    • Frees up valuable PCB real estate

Product Specifications

Quadrature (repeating 2-bit gray code)8 (16 detent), 12 (24 detent); pulses / 360°
Binary (repeating 2-bit code)8 (16 detent), 12 (24 detent); pulses / 360°
On/Off SwitchAvailable
Analog potentiometerAvailable
Analog potentiometer resistance1K – 10KOhms, 300° sweep; linear taper standard; total resistance tolerance +/- 20%
Voltage3 – 30 VDC
Current10 mA
Electrical Life>100,000 cycles
Maximum contact resistance<500 ohms at end of life
Open circuit and insulation resistance>20 Mohms (between mutually insulated parts)
Voltage breakdown>250 VAC (peak to peak, between mutually insulated parts
Cover diameter0.875″ / 22.2 mm
Cover height0.138″ / 3.5 mm
Shaft diameter0.236″ / 6 mm
Shaft typeRound with flat
Shaft length0.285″ / 7.24 mm
Length of flat0.270″ / 6.9 mm
Dimension from shaft back to flat0.178″ / 4.5 mm
Rotational life:
– Carbon ink blend
– Copper on flex
>100,000 cycles
>500,000 cycles
ContactsBall armature
Sheer force of shaft12 lbs./53N
Storage Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Carbon ink-40°C to +85°C
Copper on flex-40°C to +85°C
Thermal Shock-54°C to +105°C
Humidity95% RH
Salt Fog, 5% Solution24 hrs.
Drop8 feet
Magnetic MaterialRare earth
Ball ArmatureGold-plated chrome steel
Rotor / Shaft Detent RingEngineered thermoplastic
CircuitFlexible polyester
CoverPlated brass alloy
Number of detents0, 1, 16 (22.5°), 24 (15°) stock; custom available
DetentBall and spring
Stop plate positions300° sweep standard; custom available
Stop strength3.0 / 0.35Nm nominal
Rotational torque2.5 in.oz. / 0.17mNm nominal

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