ThinCoder Rotor DuraSwitch

thiNcoder® Rotor

Keypad Technologies for Demanding Environments

What is thiNcoder?

The thiNcoder® rotor is an ultra-thin, non-invasive encoder that enables greater keypad design customization. Additionally, the DuraSwitch thiNcoder® rotor is the only rotary switch that can be mounted directly on a flex circuit, providing easy integration with other switches.

This patented rotary switch offers new possibilities for thin-panel design, integrating easily into a traditional flat panel keyboard. An extremely low profile delivers a thinner, lighter unit with inherent sealing capabilities against contaminants, such as dirt and moisture. These features increase design capabilities, and extends the life of your product.


Advantages of thiNcoder®

  • Ultra-thin profile – package thickness below the overlay is less than 0.087”
  • No soldering required
  • Durable and reliable
  • Sealed Construction
  • No parasitic power required
  • Multiple codes and indexing options
  • Low-energy circuit capable; Dry circuit compatible
  • Customizable detent/stops and knobs
  • Design Flexibility
    • Easy to integrate with PushGate® and other switch components
    • Will work with either a rigid PCB or FPC
    • Frees up valuable PCB real estate

Product Specifications

Quadrature (repeating 2-bit gray code) 8 (16 detent), 12 (24 detent); pulses / 360°
Binary (repeating 2-bit code) 8 (16 detent), 12 (24 detent); pulses / 360°
On/Off Switch Available
Analog potentiometer Available
Analog potentiometer resistance 1K – 10KOhms, 300° sweep; linear taper standard; total resistance tolerance +/- 20%
Voltage 3 – 30 VDC
Current 10 mA
Electrical Life >100,000 cycles
Maximum contact resistance <500 ohms at end of life
Open circuit and insulation resistance >20 Mohms (between mutually insulated parts)
Voltage breakdown >250 VAC (peak to peak, between mutually insulated parts
Cover diameter 0.875″ / 22.2 mm
Cover height 0.138″ / 3.5 mm
Shaft diameter 0.236″ / 6 mm
Shaft type Round with flat
Shaft length 0.285″ / 7.24 mm
Length of flat 0.270″ / 6.9 mm
Dimension from shaft back to flat 0.178″ / 4.5 mm
Rotational life:
– Carbon ink blend
– Copper on flex
>100,000 cycles
>500,000 cycles
Contacts Ball armature
Sheer force of shaft 12 lbs./53N
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Carbon ink -40°C to +85°C
Copper on flex -40°C to +85°C
Thermal Shock -54°C to +105°C
Humidity 95% RH
Salt Fog, 5% Solution 24 hrs.
Shock 100g
Drop 8 feet
Magnetic Material Rare earth
Ball Armature Gold-plated chrome steel
Rotor / Shaft Detent Ring Engineered thermoplastic
Circuit Flexible polyester
Cover Plated brass alloy
Number of detents 0, 1, 16 (22.5°), 24 (15°) stock; custom available
Detent Ball and spring
Stop plate positions 300° sweep standard; custom available
Stop strength 3.0 / 0.35Nm nominal
Rotational torque 2.5 in.oz. / 0.17mNm nominal