SimTouch® Technology

What is SimTouch®?

SimTouch is a unique membrane switch technology that enables continuous scrolling and sliding action with very low actuation force. These features make SimTouch ideal for products requiring effective navigation of large menu lists.

Light actuation force and the feel of capacitive touch switches have become a characteristic of elegant product designs. SimTouch keypads are designed to create the light feel of capacitive touch switches at a fraction of the cost. This patented technology allows designers to create user interfaces limited only by their imagination, thereby gaining a competitive advantage for their overall finished product.

SimTouch is available in 3 different switch configurations:

  • SimTouch® – discrete buttons for feather-light, one-touch action
  • SimSlide® – a linear switch array for sliding action
  • SimScroll® – a circular switch array for scrolling action

How Does SimTouch Work?

SimTouch is a proprietary technology that uses a flexible overlay laminated to the switch circuitry. As a result of low actuation force and short travel distance, the experience of a capacitive touch switch is simulated. SimTouch construction also permits use of thicker overlay materials providing a smooth glass-like finish or brushed metallic finish for a stainless steel look<

What are the benefits of SimTouch®?

  • Low actuation force – Simulates the feel of capacitive touch.
  • Resistive technology – May be actuated with use of a stylus or through gloved operation.
  • Scrolling/Sliding action – Ideal for navigating large menus.
  • No programming or controller chips – Easy integration into existing platforms at a lower cost than capacitive technology.
  • Temperature, chemical & moisture resistant – Dependable performance in a wide range of environments.
  • All the features & benefits of traditional membrane switch technology.

Download the SimTouch® data sheet.