Pannam’s SimTouch® keypads are discrete membrane keypad buttons designed to create the light feel of capacitive touch switches at a fraction of the cost. Using Pannam’s innovative conductive ink technology, SimTouch® enables designers to create user interfaces limited only by their imagination. Light actuation force switches have become a characteristic of elegant product designs, thereby creating competitive advantage for your equipment’s user-interface.

SimTouch® is a proprietary technology that uses a flexible overlay laminated to the switch circuitry. As a result of low actuation force and short travel distance, the experience of a capacitive touch switch is simulated. SimTouch® construction also permits use of thicker overlay materials providing a smooth glass-like finish or brushed metallic finish for a stainless steel look.

Typical Construction & How it Works

  • Typical Actuation force: 1.5oz to 2.5oz (43gr to 71gr)
  • 0.010″ (.25mm) polycarbonate overlay (hardcoated, textured or brushed metallic finishes) OR
  • 0.007″ (0.18mm) polyester overlay (hardcoated and UV resistant finishes)
  • Activation pads can be screen printed directly on overlay or on an additional polyester layer
  • Selectively printed adhesive or die cut spacer
  • Conductive circuitry/force sensing layer
  • Polyester circuit
  • Pressure sensitive mounting adhesive

How SimTouch Works

  1. Force applied on top of the polycarbonate is transmitted to the force-sensing resistor material.
  2. This causes a drop in resistance, which is detected by the electronics connected to the membrane circuitry.
  3. The electronics then perform a switching action.
  4. Switch is not affected by temperature or pressure changes.

What are the benefits of SimTouch®?

  • Low actuation force – Simulates the feel of capacitive touch.
  • Resistive technology – May be actuated with use of a stylus or through gloved operation.
  • Scrolling/Sliding action – Ideal for navigating large menus.
  • No programming or controller chips – Easy integration into existing platforms at a lower cost than capacitive technology.
  • Temperature, chemical & moisture resistant – Dependable performance in a wide range of environments.
  • All the features & benefits of traditional membrane switch technology.

UL-Recognized Component

SimTouch® is UL-recognized under File #E156070.


Overlay Thickness Actuation Force Nominal Thickness
0.010″ (0.25mm) 1.5 – 2.5 oz. (43 – 71 grams) 0.020″ (0.25mm)
0.015″ (0.38mm) 3 – 6 oz. (85 – 170 grams) 0.025″ (0.64mm)
0.020″ (0.50mm) 5 – 11 oz. (142 – 312 grams) 0.030″ (0.75mm)
0.030″ (0.75mm) 9 – 22 oz. (255 – 624 grams) 0.040″ (1.00mm)

Life Cycle: >1,000,000 actuations with no stress cracks in the polycarbonate film

Environmental Testing


Subjected to temperature and humidity cycle of:

  1. Transition from ambient 1.0 Hour
  2. Steady state @ 5 C, 30% RH +/- 20% 1.0 Hour
  3. Transition to 85 C, 50% RH 1.0 Hour
  4. Steady state @ 85 C, 50% RH 1.0 Hour
  5. Transition from 85 C to 45 C, 90-98% RH 1.0 Hour
  6. Steady state @ 45, 90-98% RH 1.0 Hour
  7. Transition from 85 C to 45 C, 90-98% RH 1.0 Hour
  8. Transition from 25 C to 105 C, 30% RH +/- 20% 1.0 Hour
  9. Steady state @ 105 C, 30% RH +/- 20% 1.0
  10. Transition from 105 C to 25 C, 20%RH 2.0 Hours
  11. Steady state @ 25 C, 20%RH 1.0 Hour

Subjected to 30 cycles and monitored at various points in the test cycle. No anomalies found in the switch. Additional testing is ongoing

Operating Temperature: Designed for -10 C to + 105 C, test results pending

Resistance: Open > 1 Megohm / Closed < 1 kilohm

Set your equipment apart from the competition with SimTouch® membrane switch keypads.

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