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What is PushGate?

PushGate® is a patented push-button design that incorporates crisp tactile feedback similar to an electro-mechanical switch. Parts that wear out in typical tactile designs are eliminated and replaced with a magnet-armature design. The thin profile of PushGate® switches works without the scraping, flexing, or grinding that typical membrane switch components endure.
PushGate PushGate

Advantages of PushGate® Technology

  • Crisp, consistent tactile feel
    • Superior tactile feel that does not degrade over time
    • Dependable performance over typical competitor products
  • Durability and reliability
    • Rated to over 30 million actuations
    • More reliable than traditional metal dome membrane switches
    • Eliminates material stress caused by bending and flexing of materials
    • Temperature, chemical and vandal-resistant
    • Environmentally sealed for use in harsh and wet environments
  • Design Flexibility
    • Easy to integrate with thiNcoder® rotor and other switch components
    • Will work with either a rigid PCB or FPC
    • Backlighting can be easily integrated. Full-key illumination possible with fiber optic, EL and LED backlighting
    • Maintains firm tactile feel when backlighting is incorporated

Technical Specifications

PCB ApplicationFlex Circuit (FPC) Application
Voltage3 – 50 VDC or AC peak3 – 30 VDC or AC peak
Switch ResistanceLess than 20 OhmsLess than 100 Ohms initial
Thickness (typical)0.145″ / 3.7mm0.086″ / 2.2mm
Switch Armature Spacing0.750″ / 19.06mm center spacing0.750″ / 19.06mm center spacing
ESD/EMI/RFI ShieldingCapableCapable
Life>30 million actuations>30 million actuations
Actuation VarianceNo noticeable differenceNo noticeable difference
Actuation Force10 oz / 284 gm. / 2.8N10 oz / 284 gm. / 2.8N
Switch Travel0.012″ / 0.3mm0.012″ / 0.3mm
Contact Bounce1ms typical1ms typical
Storage Temperature-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C
Altitude40,000 ft.40,000 ft.
Thermal Shock-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C
Humidity95% RH95% RH
Salt Fog, 5% Solution24 hrs.24 hrs.
Drop3 feet3 feet
Magnetic MaterialBonded Derite
Armature Material1008 – 1010 steel with silver plating

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