Top 50 User Experience and User Interface Design Blogs

The world of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design has taken front and center stage: everyone seems to know the buzzwords, and your boss and/or clients want to know what you can do to improve their hardware or product.
To stay at the forefront of your field, it’s essential to stay current – to read about the latest developments in human-centered design; to allow the best of the best to inspire and inject creativity into your own designs; to read, discuss and debate various points, merits, and opinions in the field of UX and UI.
And that’s where blogs come in. The following list highlights some of the best – a whopping 50, in all – blogs on user experience and user interface design. Some of our picks are authored by just one blogger, while other pool the knowledge of thought leaders and experts in their fields. All are excellent. All will entertain, educate and inspire. So enjoy. Learn. Discuss. Disagree. Catch up on the world of UX and UI – and have fun while you’re at it.
Please note: the following blogs are in no particular order.
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Our Big List of The Best UX/UI Blogs


1. 52 Weeks of UX

52 Weeks of UX
This tumblr blog is a UX treasure chest, co-written by Joshua Porter, an interface and product designer, and Joshua Brewer, former Director of UX at and Principal Designer at Twitter. The blog spans 52 weeks from 2010 to 2011, and manages to stay current by covering enduring user experience topics – the questions and opinions that designers will likely always ask. While many of the posts focus on the web, hardware designers will find dozens of interesting tidbits. 52 Weeks gets bonus points for the awesome sketches that accompany each post.
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2. Useful Usability

Useful Usability
Useful Usability is, indeed, a useful blog about usability. Authored by Craig Tomlin, this addition to our list covers lots of online topics – but throws in plenty of information on usability and user experience that will benefit hardware developers and product designers. The blog is not always current, but flip through the archives for lots of great, still relevant posts.
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3. The IxD Library

The IxD Library
For the interaction designers out there, there is the IxD Library – a collection, curated by Dan Saffer, of quotes, books, presentations and articles that cover the best, most influential topics related to interaction design. Unlike many of the other blogs on our list, the IxD Library focuses only on IxD – there’s no usability or general experience design or information architecture discussed here, except as it directly relates to interaction design.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Ergonomics for Interaction Designers | Designed for Use

4. Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows
Boxes and Arrows is one of the web’s most popular blogs on design, including information architecture, interaction design, and business design. The peer-written journal covers an incredible range of posts, many related to hardware and interface design. Posts are broken down into general topics, including design principles, processes and methods, interfaces, deliverables and documentation, software and tools, workplace and career, and discovery, research and testing. And for further, more in-depth reading, we particularly enjoy Boxes and Arrows’ book reviews.
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5. Core77

Core77 is one of the biggest names in design blogs, and for good reason: since 1995, it has served up research-rich articles, design competitions, forums, and other resources for industrial designers. The Core77 blog offers timeless articles on topics related to product and hardware design, as well as new technology, creativity, your work environment, and other elements of interest.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Material Shortages and Designing a New Material World | Designing our Competitive Advantage

6. Felt Presence

Felt Presence
Felt Presence is the digital home to Ryan Singer, Product Manager at Basecamp. While Singer is currently on a blogging hiatus, his past material is still worth your browsing: posts on user interface design, product management, teamwork, and other topics will pique the interest of product designers, UI professionals, and UX designers.
Don’t Miss These Posts: A shorthand for designing UI flows | UI and Capability

7. UX Colombo

UX Colombo
Headquartered in Sri Lanka, UX Colombo is the collaborative work of designers and other creatives dedicated to improving the user experience. Founders Lasitha Rajakaruna and Shiran Weerasinghe regularly contribute, as do a host of guest bloggers. Posts cover a range of topics, from common mistakes in UX and usability, to case studies on good (and bad) design.

8. UX Reflections

UX Reflections
Akendi’s UX Reflections is a self-described showcase of ideas and thoughts related to creating intentional experiences – inspiration and insights on anything and everything UX. As with many user experience blogs, UX Reflections blends topics of web design and product design, but the blog makes it easy to find posts of interests with useful categories: graphic design, interaction design, research, strategy, and technology.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Everything I Know About UX I Learned from the Terminator } The Art and Science of Information Architecture

9. Wireframes Magazine

Wireframes Magazine
Wireframes Magazine is the brainchild of Jakub Linowski, a Toronto-based interaction designer. A lot of Jakub’s posts relate to website design, but many of his posts are applicable to product and hardware development – the creativity, processes, and collaboration involved in building a better, more usable product for your audience. If you’re willing to sort through the chaff, Wireframes is an excellent resource on UI.
Don’t Miss These Posts: UI Tools (granted, this is an entire category of tools for sketching and developing ideas) | 3 Ideas For Capturing Feedback

10. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq
Creative Bloq is an incredible creative resource from the minds at Future PLC, a digital publisher that creates content over many topics and channels. You’ll likely find several online magazines of interest, but we particular enjoy the offerings in the UX, inspiration, hardware, and creativity categories. Many topics are of general interest and many others focus on web design, not product design, so you’ll have to sift through for articles that suit you. Bottom line: it’s worth the scrolling.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Why the world’s smallest 3D printing pen is a big deal | What do employers really want?

11. Konigi

Konigi, authored by Michael Angeles, is a blog for interface designers. Sharing tools, resources, and current events related to UI and interface design, Konigi is broken down into useful categories like UX tools, a user interface wiki and, of course, Konigi’s blog, which overflows with related posts on a host of topics that designers will devour with avid interest.

12. Adaptive Path

Adaptive Path
Adaptive Path is a distinguished UX consulting firm – and the creative mind behind the Adaptive Path idea blog, which publishes frequent posts on user experience and design. We applaud their event coverage – great recaps, if you can’t make it to industry workshops, conferences, and events yourself – and love the inside look at UX and user design, agency style.

13. EE Times

EE Times
If you think that EE Times, the Electrical Engineering Times, doesn’t seem like an online home for UX and UI professionals – you’d be wrong. Sure, there are plenty of web and mobile design topics being bandied about, but there are also whole categories devoted to industrial control, medical engineering, analog design, power management, and test & measurement. This is one of those resources with nearly infinite depths; you’ll always find something of interest.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Driving the User Interface: Trends in Automotive GUIs | So Much Work, So Little Time for Engineers

14. Upverter

Upverter is all about hardware and technology that solves humanity’s biggest problems with transportation, energy, agriculture, water and more – the Big Questions facing us in the coming years and decades. The team, lead by founders Zak Homuth, Stephen Hamer, and Michael Woodworth, post awesomely interesting content about product design with a human twist – user experience and human-centered design.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Lab Feng Shui: Setting Up Your HW Workspace | 20 Mobile Apps For Electrical Engineers

15. Hello Erik

Hello Erik
Authored by Erik Flowers, Principal Service Experience Designer at Intuit, Hello Erik is a blog dedicated to user interface, user experience, and product design. Granted, you’ll find content related to web design and online topics, but Flowers’ topics in user experience are universal and may be applied to hardware design and product development.
Don’t Miss These Posts: The UX Psychologist | UX is Not UI

16. Yanko Design

Yanko Design
If you live for product inspiration, you’re going to love Yanko Design. Billed as a blog about “form beyond function,” Yanko showcases some of the most innovative and sometimes off-the-wall product designs. This one is not so much about the how or the why of user experience, as it is about the end result – the bold and beautiful finale culminating in inspired, human-fueled design. Think of it as brain candy.
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17. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine
You’ve heard of Smashing Magazine, but did you know they have an entire category dedicated to user experience design? Sub-categories include usability, user experience, UI design, and e-commerce, and cover a diverse smorgasbord of topics that will interest interface and hardware designers. Many posts are geared more toward web designers, but many are applicable across UX topics.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Ways To Avoid Overwhelming Users | Up On The Wall: How Working Walls Unlock Creative Insight By

18. Gamasutra

Gamasutra is all about the business of making games, but its lessons are applicable to a much wider audience than just game designers. In fact, Gamasutra’s exploration of human psychology, user tendencies and preferences, product development & testing, and general UX wisdom puts a helpful – and fun – spin on your online reading. And if we’re being honest, we have to give Gamasutra bonus points for the inspired name.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Mathematics and psychology to improve UX in fast-paced platform games | The perfect game character

19. Usabilia

Bear with us on this one. Usabilia, like many usability blogs, is written with web designers in mind. That said, Usabilia dives into varied topics on the user experience, product research, analytics and visual design – all topics that product developers can absorb with interest. We particularly love Usabilia’s roundups of UX blog posts, infographics, and other great sources from around the web.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Innovation and Usability: Striking a Balance | 10 of the Best UX Infographics

20. disambiguity

Disambiguity is the work of Leisa Reichelt, Head of User Research at Canada’s Government Digital Service. Reichelt’s blog publishes observations, reflections and design thoughts – topics that will engage any kind of UX professional. We particularly enjoy disambiguity’s conversational style, which offers a welcome break from some of the more formal UX magazines and blogs popular today.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Strategy is being on message. | Why words matter (more on the relationship between culture and strategy)

21. The Web Psychologist

The Web Psychologist
A psychology blog? About persuasion? No, we haven’t made a mistake and yes, we really do recommend The Web Psychologist. User experience and exceptional UI has a lot to do with the human mind – how we think, what makes us react, what feels intuitive, etc. And that’s part of what Nathalie Nahai, a.k.a. the “web psychologist,” discusses on her blog and podcast. So tune in. Learn something about your end user, and see how much better your hardware can be.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Podcast with Jared Spool, usability expert and user interfact engineer | Podcast with Jenny Radcliffe, consultant, speaker, expert in non-verbal communications, negotiations and human behaviour

22. intuity

Intuity is an innovative agency that designs user experiences – granted, for the web, but many of their insights apply to any kind of UI or UX designer. If you’re interested in industry design (e.g. automobile design), 3D technology, life science, and other related topics, have a look at intuity. We promise you’ll learn something, and have a good time while you’re at it.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Lab Talk: Ralf Allrutz on Pretotyping | The New Industrial Revolution – Everyone’s a maker!

23. Fast Company’s Design Blog

Fast Company's Design Blog
It’s only natural that Fast Company would have a design blog, and only right that it would be awesome. FC’s Design Blog features innovative design – a lot of it online but much of it in the real world: inspired architecture, products, and other user-centered developments that test limits (and the imagination). Fast Company won’t teach you how, but it’ll certainly show you why you should learn.
Don’t Miss These Posts: MIT Invents A Shapeshifting Display You Can Reach Through And Touch | The Goal Board Is A Calendar For Your Ambition

24. EDN Network

EDN Network
The EDN network was created for engineers, by engineers. This online community offers a wealth of resources, including a digital magazine brimming with information, articles and opinions on topics that interest you: systems design, analog, components and packaging, IC design, and more. Bonus: you can grab the RSS feeds for the entire site, or just your favorite topics.
Don’t Miss These Posts: The EE consultant who despises engineering fraud | Is a shark biting your product?

25. Knovel Blog

Knovel Blog
The Knovel blog, also called the K-Exchange, is a lively forum for sharing technical and analytical information for engineers. Among the topics: design, of course, including the omnipresent elements of UI and UX. Best of all, Knovel’s blog is created and curated by its diverse user audience – applied scientists and engineers at leading universities, Fortune 500 companies, and other institutions on the forefront of hardware design and development.
Don’t Miss These Posts: The more at stake, the less you can assume | Engineering Design At Its Best

26. UIE Brain Sparks

UIE Brain Sparks
Don’t judge a book by its cover: the UIE Brain Sparks blog may not be as sleek and stylin’ as some of its counterparts, but it is rich with fresh thought and cutting-edge information. Like some of our other picks, Brain Sparks blends UX for web design with UX for product development, so you’ll need to read through to find the articles that resonate with your specialty. But do have a read-through, because the information here is golden.
Don’t Miss These Posts: UIEtips: UX Strategy Blueprint | A Human-Centered Design Process

27. UXmatters

Hop over the UXmatters for an introduction to one of the web’s most current and prolific blogs about the user experience. We love this blog for its sheer diversity of information and contributors – and the in-depth, meaty articles are a huge cherry on top. One of our favorite features is the ability to search UXmatters by topic, including category, recent posts, and the site’s all-time most popular articles.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Interface Design for Learning: Design Strategies for Learning Experiences |

28. HCL Engineering and R&D Services Blog

HCL Engineering
HCL is one of India’s biggest tech companies, and their blog consistently cranks out timely, accessible information. Our favorite category is Engineering and R&D services, which numbers almost 400 posts and covers topics related to product development, user experience, user interface, design and other relevant themes. We’re also fans of the ideas section
Don’t Miss These Posts: Typeface: The Art Of Making A Person Read In Between The Words | Green Product Development -Key For Survival, Current Challenges & Trends

29. Usability Geek

Usability Geek
Don’t let the “geek” in the title fool you: Usability Geek is not some wannabe hipster blog. In fact, if you’re looking for solid information from some of the web’s foremost usability experts, surf on over. Granted, much of the information is website usability but the human experience is the human experience and psychology is psychology: there’s a lot of info here to help you create better, more usable hardware products.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Colour: User Experience And Psychology | The ROI of Usability

30. Measuring Usability

Measuring Usability
We love Jeff Sauro’s Measuring Usability blog; almost every post is bursting with tidbits, nuggets and goodies about bettering the user experience. And no wonder – Sauro is the founding principle of Measuring Usability LLC, a usability consultancy with Fortune 1000 companies as its clients. He’s also written four books and 20 journal articles on the user experience. It doesn’t get much more expert than this, folks.
Don’t Miss These Posts: 10 Methods To Improve The Customer Experience | 28 Resources For Getting Started In UX

31. GfK Insights Blog

GfK Insights Blog
GfK insights is an excellent resource – a compendium of insights, trends, current events and opinion related to product design and development. If you’re into consumer goods, you’ll find that. If you focus on UX for the travel & tourism industry, you’re covered. If you develop financial services, they have that, too. And of course, GfK has an entire section on user experience.
Don’t Miss These Posts: User Experience is one of the most critical success factors for Industry 4.0 | The Project Goal: Delivering Value-Driven Results to Key Stakeholders

32. Pleasure & Pain

Pleasure & Pain
Though the title may bring to mind an entirely different blogging genre, Whitney Hess’s brilliant Pleasure & Pain is all about the human experience – your users’ pleasure and pain points, and how they apply to product development. Hess’s posts are always spot on, and we particularly love when she dives into her “how to’s” and dispels common UX myths and misunderstandings.
Don’t Miss These Posts: What’s Your Problem? Putting Purpose Back into Your Projects | You’re not a user experience designer if…

33. Businessweek’s Innovation & Design Blog

Bloomberg Businessweek needs no introduction, but it’s Innovation & Design blog might. This awesome online resource is, even at its most general, complete inspiration. Hop on over, and let the posts – and photos – inspire you. (There’s great benefit to seeing how others do the same-old, same-old, differently.) Of course, there’s a lot more going on than just visual inspiration, too; the blog is full of interesting innovations, opinions and insights into how to build a better, more intuitive, more must-have product.
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34. Putting People First

Putting People First
Could there be a better name than Putting People First for a blog dedicated to user experience and experience design? We think not. As you scroll through the posts, you’ll find yourself nodding and affirming and generally thinking, “yes, yes, YES!” to the published insights: curated posts on using ethnography to develop more relevant ads, on the emotional relevancy of music, on design research for home healthcare products – everything UX professionals should think and do. An excellent resource.
Don’t Miss These Posts: UX without user research is not UX | Applying insights from behavioral economics to policy design

35. HFI Connect

HFI Connect
HFI Connect is a collaborative effort from Human Factors International (HFI) to bring UX news, blog posts, and other resources to user experience professionals around the globe. The site has lots of great resources, including UX white papers and videos, and we’re particularly fond of the blog, which publishes somewhat sporadic but very information-rich posts about user experience and human-centered design.
Don’t Miss These Posts: CXA and the Changing Direction of Usability | Secrets of an Intuitive Interface

36. Mashable’s UX Category

Did you know that the ever-popular Mashable offers up an entire category of posts dedicated to user experience design? Many of the articles relate to UX for web designers, but many are discuss universal principles of user experience, like the importance of color and the emerging field of “brain-friendly” design.
Don’t Miss These Posts: 4 Myths About User Experience | Is Home Automation the Next UX Frontier?

37. TandemSeven

TandemSeven is a UX design and development company, focusing on creating beautiful, user-focused and multi-channel experiences for their clients’ products. Their blog is an extension of their product, highlighting topics related to user experience and human-centered design: favorite books, project development, product design topics, and more.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Personas and Multi-Channel Experiences | Are UX teams still working in the garage?

38. UX Magazine

UX Magazine
Like its name suggests, UX Magazine is an online magazine that covers various aspects of the user experience, including general design topics, usability, product design, and research methods. Dozens of contributors and thousands of subscribers (and their accompanying comments) make this one of the most popular and useful UX hubs on the web. You’ll have to weed through some web design and online UX content, but there’s plenty there to interest product and hardware designers.
Don’t Miss These Posts: The Psychologist’s View of UX Design | Psychological Usability Heuristics

39. The Brain Lady Blog

The Brain Lady Blog
By now, you know that we’re big fans of incorporating human psychology – users’ likes and dislikes, preferences, intuition, and other factors – into developing a positive, intuitive and human-centered user interface. Enter the Brain Lady Blog, a psychology and brain science resource headed by Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. There is just so much good here.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Ten User Testing Bad Habits | How Do You Design Something So It Is Engaging?

40. User Focus

User Focus
The name says it all: User Focus is about human-centered design and development. The brainchild of a usability consultancy and training firm, the blog publishes regular articles on – surprise! – usability, as well as user experience design and product testing. There’s a lot here about web design, but many (most, even) of the User Focus resources can be extrapolated to hardware development.
Don’t Miss These Posts: A little known factor that could have a big effect on your next usability test | 5 provocative views on usability testing

41. Johnny Holland

Johnny Holland
Johnny Holland is like the hip, fun UX professional – with post comparing user experience to professional wrestling and other make-you-laugh topics. Unfortunately, Holland and his band of merry contributors pushed the pause button two years ago, but he’s left his archives up as a helpful and, somehow, still very current resource for UX professionals.
Don’t Miss These Posts: How Organic Development Generates Serendipitous Experiences | Feedback Doesn’t Mean Failure

42. EffectiveUI Blog

EffectiveUI Blog
The EffectiveUI blog keeps its finger on the pulse of user interface design and how it’s changing and molding the human experience. We love the event coverage and expert advice, from both the UI team and from contributing thought leaders. Like other resources on our list, the EffectiveUI blog blends website UX with product UX, so you’ll have to pick and choose which posts best apply to your work.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Experience Design and the Language Factor | The UX Design Process: What Clients Need to Know

43. Designing for People

Designing for People
This is another favorite blog title of ours, because it just works so well. Designing for people is about, well, designing for people – for your personas, your audience, your users. There are some excellent interviews floating around the site, as well as links to informative external resources, like Ted Talks and videos. Bottom line: Designing for People is a solid, enlightening addition to our list.
Don’t Miss These Posts: How to make sure people can use your product & why perfection is bad | Human Error? No, Bad Design

44. Design Thinking

Design Thinking
Simplicity is a beautiful thing, and Design Thinking does simple well: uncluttered and with a straightforward design, this design blog is easy to navigate and even easier to enjoy. Posts revolve around good design and excellent user experiences, with extra helpings of design inspiration, career advice, and creative daydreaming (e.g. tree house offices!).
Don’t Miss These Posts: Definitions of design thinking | Simple or minimal?

45. Wired’s Innovation Insights

Wired Innovation Insights
If you love Wired’s typical wit and cutting-edge articles, you’ll love its Innovation Insights – a blog on new thinking for the new era. As its name suggests, Innovation Insights focuses on the newest and greatest everything for 21st century product development and design, including enterprise, data, business, and technology topics. There’s a lot of mobile, website, and other digital design mixed in, so pick and choose which posts most appeal to you and your specialty.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Innovation: There Is No Final Destination | From Big Data to Actionable Data: Has Our Biology Failed Us, or Have We Failed to Use It?

46. UXPin

UXPin is one of our picks that you have to read with a generalized eye. Focused mostly on user experience from a website perspective, UXPin delves into human-centered web design – but there’s still plenty of insight to be had for hardware developers and designers. Definitely check out their posts on user experience, and you’ll find plenty of resources related to the impact of UX on product development.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Psychology and Design – 10 Best Presentations | The Increasing Value of Design

47. keepitusable

Usability is big business: create an intuitive, highly usable and enjoyable product, and your profits skyrocket. Keepitusable is all about researching, discussing and improving product usability, based on factors like human behavior, ergonomics, psychology, and other factors you don’t often find discussed in usability blogs.
Don’t Miss These Posts: 10 psychology techniques to drive behaviour | How Ergonomics and Human Factors can help you

48. Industrial Design Served

Industrial Design Served
There’s something to be said for straight-up design inspiration – human-centered products created with the user experience in mind. If you’re the type of UX/UI professional who gets a creative jolt from seeing and exploring good design, you have to check out Behance’s Industrial Design Served, a blog that features some of the coolest, slickest product designs on the market today.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Frozen Peas | Bora Glasses

49. Thinking Products

Thinking Products
Thinking Products, a blog from Clarice Technologies, focuses on UX design, UI technologies, and product development – an information trifecta for hardware designers and product developers. Their posts are incredibly well researched and in depth, and will link you out to even more reading, resources and information, should you feel the need or desire to dive down the rabbit hole.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Gamification for Engaging User Experience | The Knotty Tale of Design & Development

50. Inspire UX

Inspire UX
Catriona Cornett is the user experience designer behind Inspire UX, a blog dedicated to building better human experiences. Though Cornett is a web designer, she blogs on topics that any UX professional can relate to: brainstorming, human psychology, helpful apps and resources, designer tips, and more.
Don’t Miss These Posts: Tips for Structuring Better Brainstorming Sessions | How to Gain Support for UX Through the Mind, Heart, and Environment

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