50 Top Product Design and Product Manufacturing Conferences and Events in 2017

As the Internet of Things and wearables are set to make an even bigger splash in consumer and enterprise products than ever before, innovative organizations and companies organize conferences and events to join together the brightest minds in the industry and academia in order to promote collaboration, forward thinking, and product feedback. These conferences, workshops, summits, and symposiums take place around the world throughout the year so that product designers and engineers, as well as manufacturing professionals, can attend and work toward producing the next must-have product or the next great user experience.
To help you determine which product design and manufacturing conferences are best suited to you and your needs, we have gathered a list of the top product design and manufacturing events. Some of the conferences and events on our list are among the most well attended and popular gatherings offered, but we also included some smaller events that provide true face-to-face opportunities for sharing innovative ideas and solving product design and manufacturing challenges.
Please note, we have listed our top product design and manufacturing conferences and events here, in no particular order.

  1. IDSA International Conference 2017
    August 16-19
    Atlanta, GA

IDSA International Design Conference
The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) presents their international conference August 16-19 in Atlanta. This year’s theme is “Design IS Business,” and the event joins designers, educators, students, and business leaders for the 50th anniversary of the International Conference. Led by Jeevak Badve, IDSA, the “Design IS Business” seeks to lead industrial design into the 21st century.
Cost to Attend:

  • Contact for Registration Price
  1. Industry 2017
    September 14-15
    Cleveland, OH

Industry 2017
Industry 2017 is a Midwest product conference from the Product Collective that is geared toward “people who build, launch, and scale world class products.” More than 500 innovators and industry leaders will gather at Industry 2017 to enjoy two days of master classes, speakers, an opening night pub crawl, the mid-party, and more. Industry 2017 is perfect for product development and design professionals, creative agency leaders, startup founders, C-level executives of product-driven companies, and anyone else who wants to learn from renowned product development thought leaders.
Cost to Attend:

  • General Admission: $545.00
  • All Access: $1045.00
  1. UXPA International Conference
    June 6 – June 8
    Toronto, CA

Formerly UPA International, UXPA International works to support those who research, design, and evaluate the user experience of products and services. The UXPA International Conference is slated for 2017 and will join hundreds of UX professionals at the Westin Harbour Castle, in the heart of downtown Toronto. This product design and manufacturing conference is suited for anyone who heads a UX department or manages a team that guides clients through their UX efforts.
Cost to Attend:
Regular Pricing – Available from March 21st-April 30th:

  • Member: $1050.00
  • Non-Member: $1050.00
  • Students: $500.00

Late Pricing – Available from May 1st-May 19th

  • Member: $1250.00
  • Non-Member: $1350.00
  • Students: $550.00

Onsite Pricing – Available from June 4th-June 6th

  • Member: $1500.00
  • Non-Member: $1600.00
  • Students: $600.00
  1. Interaction17
    February 3- February 8
    New York City, NY

Interaction 2017
Interaction17 is the tenth annual interaction design conference organized by the Interaction Design Association. Interaction17 keynote speakers will be Chelsea Mauldin. The entire conference features The Education Summit, conference workshops, and the IxDA Interaction Awards. Held in February, this event joins nearly 1,000 design professionals, leaders, students, and volunteers for three days of workshops and lectures in interaction design and design practice.
Cost to Attend:

  • General Admission: $1195.00
  1. O’Reilly Solid
    April 3- April 5
    New York, NY

O’Reilly Solid is the product design and manufacturing event that joins hardware, software and the Internet of Things (IoT) professionals together. O’Reilly Solid 2016 ended in April, but Solid will return to New York in April 2017. Solid features three days of “intense conversation, interactive experiences, thought-provoking presentations and demos, and plenty of networking opportunities.” Solid covers the new hardware movement and the Internet of Things with its interdisciplinary program.
Cost to Attend:

  • GOLD PASS: $2454.00
  • SILVER PASS: $2145.00
  • BRONZE PASS: $1745.00
  1. CanUx 2017
    November 3- November 5
    Ottawa, CA

CanUX 17
CanUX 2017 is Canada’s premier annual UX event. For two days, the conference will feature modern experience design trends. CanUX includes presentations, learning opportunities, and a chance for attendees to share ideas and network. Conference keynote speakers include Mike Montiero, Dan Saffer and Jaime Levy.
Cost to Attend:

  • Regular Tickets: $369.00
  • Final Tickets (on day): $469.00
  1. UX Week 2017
    August 29- September 1
    San Francisco, CA

UX Week 2017
UX Week 2017 is a premier UX design conference that joins design professionals from all parts of the world. For four days, UX Week 2017 attendees will gather to share inspiration and build their skills with the practical tools offered at the event. Speakers include Roman Mars, Gene Kogan, Camille Deputter, among others. UX Week 2017 features 20 workshops and strives to give attendees the opportunity to attend their top picks.
Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird Price (Round 4): $2595.00
  • Full Conference – Regular Price: $2795.00
  1. #dareconf London
    October 9- October 10
    London, England

DareConf recognizes that in order to design a product that truly puts users first, design teams needs to be able to work well together. That’s why the focus of DareConf London is on team behaviors and techniques that will enhance design teams’ collaboration and productivity.
Cost to Attend:

  • Early-bird price: £900 + VAT if you register by 10 July.
  1. UX STRAT USA 2017 International Conference
    September 8 – 10
    Boulder, CO

UX Strat
UX STRAT USA is a product design conference that centers on the latest experience design strategy trends. Join other experience design leaders, senior professionals, researchers, and strategists to examine “the intersection of business strategy, user experience, customer experience, product design, and service design.” With a single track, UX STRAT USA will zero in on design in a way that few other conferences do.
Cost to Attend:

  • Contact for Registration Price
  1. Interact 2017
    September 25- September 29
    Mumbai, IN

Interact 2017
An international conference on human-computer interaction, Interact 2017 is hosted by the Technical Committee 13 on Human-Computer Interaction of the UNESCO International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). Interact 2017 is a valuable platform for both researchers and practitioners who work in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI), providing opportunities for professionals to showcase their work and network with industry peers. In 2017, this event will be held in India for the first time.
Cost to Attend:

  • Super Early Registration: ₹ 24,000
  • Early Registration: ₹ 29,000
  • Late Registration: ₹ 34,000
  • Walk-in Registration: ₹ 40,000
  1. SEMICON West 2017
    July 11- July 13
    San Francisco, CA

Semicon West
SEMICON West 2016 wrapped up in mid-July, and we can’t wait to see what SEMICON West 2017 has in store for us. A premier microelectronics industry event, SEMICON West always provides a venue for the latest advancements in the design and manufacture of the most innovative electronics.
Cost to Attend:
Early Bird Rate

  • Expo Only Pass: $70.00
  • Thought Leadership Pass: $495.00
  • All-In Pass: $725.00

Advanced Rate May 13 to July 08

  • Expo Only Pass: $130.00
  • Thought Leadership Pass: $595.00
  • All-In Pass: $825.00


  • Expo Only Pass: $200.00
  • Thought Leadership Pass: $695.00
  • All-In Pass: $925.00
  1. UX Australia 2017
    August 8- August 11
    Sydney, Australia

UX Australia
UX Australia focuses on user experience over four days in Sydney, which includes two days of workshops and two jam-packed conference days. Attendees enjoy hands-on workshops that center on practical skills and cover introductory and specialist topics as well as topics for seasoned user experience professionals.
Cost to Attend:
For the first 200 tickets or registrations before 30 June 2017 (whichever comes first):

  • Main conference: $800
  • Main conference student price: $350 (only for current full-time students who can show proof of full-time status)
  • Hands-on workshops, full day: $600
  • Hands-on workshops, half day: $300

For registrations made after 30 June 2017 (or after 200 tickets, whichever comes first):

  • Main conference: $900
  • Main conference student price: $350 (only for current full-time students who can show proof of full-time status))
  • Hands-on workshops, full day: $600
  • Hands-on workshops, half day: $300
  1. Midwest UX Conference 2017
    October 12- October 14
    Cincinnati, OH

Midwest UX Conference
MidwestUX is an awesome 3-Day User Experience conference hosted in Midwestern cities. This year’s event is being held Thursday, October 12th through Saturday, October 14th in Cincinnati, OH. The conference is perfect for everyone who cares about creating great experiences and building the UX community. This is a great gathering of pioneers, developers and creators in the UX community.
Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird (before event day): $350.00
  • General Admission: $450.00
  1. WESTEC 2017
    September 12- September 14
    Los Angeles, CA

A West Coast event for manufacturing professionals, WESTEC’s themes are connect, innovate, and manufacture. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and discuss manufacturing equipment, advanced technologies, and new products with hundreds of industry experts at WESTEC 2017.
Cost to Attend:

  • Contact for Registration Price
  1. IPC APEX EXPO 2017
    February 11- February 16
    San Diego, CA

A global trade association committed to its electronics industry members, IPC hosts the IPC APEX EXPO for the printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing industry. This five-day conference features a technical conference, exhibition, and programs for professional development, standards development, and certification. Networking opportunities and education are at the forefront of the IPC APEX EXPO.
Cost to Attend:

  • Contact for Registration Price
  1. ISA 2017 Annual Convention
    April 22- April 24
    Denver, CO

ISA 2017 Annual Convention
The ISA Annual Convention is a product design and manufacturing conference geared toward the maintenance, repair, operations, and production (MROP) industry’s distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, industrial manufacturer representatives, and service providers. Highlights of the conference include presentations, product previews, and networking with peers and new trading partners.
Cost to Attend:

  • ISA Member Delegate: $575.00
  • First-time Non-member Delegate: $725.00
  • Non-member Delegate: $1075.00
  • Non-exhibiting fee (Suppliers and Service Providers only): $1575.00
  • Spouse/Guest: $225.00
  1. Delight 2017
    November 6- November 7
    Portland, Oregon

Delight 2017
Organizers of the Delight Conference have one goal in mind: to join together brands and thought leaders who aim to build great experiences. They result is “a unique gathering of designers, technologists and businesses that care about creating experiences people love.” Speakers from experience-driven brands like Zappos, Intuit, Virgin America and Mayo Clinic, They’ll offer insights to help attendees along the path to designing and manufacturing products that deliver those great experiences.
Cost to Attend:

  • Contact for Registration Price
  1. AMPS 2017 International Conference
    September 3- September 7
    Hamburg, Germany

AMPS 2017 International Conference
The international AMPS (Advances in Production Management System) conference is organized by the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP). The conference joins together industrial and academic experts in production management areas. This year, the theme of the AMPS conference is “innovative production management towards sustainable growth: service, manufacturing, and resilient value-chain.” The main conference is September 3-7, with September 3 being the dates of the doctoral workshop.
Cost to Attend:

  • General Admission: 590.00 €
  1. MODEX 2017
    April 3- April 6
    Chicago, IL

MODEX 2017
Billed as “the greatest supply chain show on earth,” MODEX gives manufacturing and supply professionals the chance to share equipment and system solutions, to learn and network, and to gain a competitive edge. Educational opportunities, keynotes, and seminars are just a few of the highlights of this design and manufacturing conference.
Cost to Attend:

  • To attend ProMat 2017, register onsite at no cost.
  1. International Manufacturing Technology Show
    April 24- April 28
    Hannover, Germany

International Manufacturing Technology Show
The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) not only is America’s largest manufacturing show, but it is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world. This year it’s being held in Hannover, Germany from April 24- April 28. It will cover product categories from industrial automation, motion drive, energy, research and industrial supply. IMTS is a comprehensive manufacturing event that gives attendees the chance to see a range of manufacturing technology solutions.
Cost to Attend:

  • Day Ticket: €31.00
  • Full-Event Ticket: €70.00
  1. RAPID 2017
    May 8- May 11
    Pittsburgh, PA

RAPID 2017
The RAPID Conference and Expo is the product design and manufacturing event for everything 3D, including printing, scanning, and additive manufacturing. In its 26th year, RAPID delivers cutting-edge 3D products and technology, plus access to experts across several industries, so that attendees can learn how to solve their industry challenges, such as reducing time to market, creating prototypes much more quickly, and bringing product design into the 21st century and beyond.
Cost to Attend:
2017 event pricing until 5/5/17

  • Additive Manufacturing Certification Review Course: $249.00
  • Additive Manufacturing Certification Exam: $159
  • Additive Manufacturing Certification Course and Exam Bundle: $379.00
  • Workshops: $350
  • Facility Tours: $129.00

2017 Event Pricing (ON-DAY)

  • Workshops: $400
  • Full Conference: $1150.00
  • One-Day Conference: $700.00
  1. MOBX 2017
    September 7 – September 8
    Berlin, Germany

MOBX 2017
A premier annual conference for mobile user experience, MOBX 2017 also covers small screen interaction design and usable interfaces on smart devices. The two-day event, known as “Europe’s premier mobile UX summit,” features some of the most innovative minds in mobile UX, including Ben Sauer, Sophia Voychehovski, Kevin Clark, and Alberta Soranzo, among others.
Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird (Note: only available until April 30, 2017): € 320.00
  • Regular: € 380.00
  1. MEMS Manufacturing 2017
    August 2- August 3
    Santa Clara, CA

MEMS Manufacturing 2017
MEMS Manufacturing 2017 conference and exhibition covers several topics, including global trends, market drivers, supply chain challenges, cost management and reduction, PDKs and design rules, design for manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and much more. MEMS Manufacturing is a conference that is well suited to CEOs, CTOs, entrepreneurs, VPs of manufacturing, and MEMS and sensor design managers and engineers. With industry-leading speakers and networking lunches and breaks, MEMS Manufacturing 2017 is sure to provide the latest design and manufacturing strategies and innovation.
Cost to Attend:

  • Standard: $995
  • Technology Showcase: $1,195
  • Exhibitor: $1,495
  • Exhibitor Plus: $1,695
  1. Internet of Things World
    May 16- May 18
    Santa Clara, CA

Internet of Things World
Internet of Things World is one of the largest IoT events available. The conference features 4,000 attendees, more than 250 industry thought leaders, and more than 150 exhibitors, with the goal of joining together stakeholders and investors to support the IoT revolution and design and manufacture the IoT products that consumers are ready for, according to Accenture’s late 2015 report.
Cost to Attend:

  • Expo: Free
  • Everything Pass (3 days + workshop): $2895.00
  • Plus Pass (3 days): $2595.00
  • Conference Pass:  $2395.00
  • IoT Architecture Symposium: $895.00
  1. MobileHCI 2017
    September 4- September 7
    Vienna, Austria

MobileHCI 2017
MobileHCI 2015 is the 19th international conference on human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services. This product design and manufacturing event joins hardware and software developers, designers, and practitioners and is designed to give attendees ample time to share research results, ideas, and future plans with their peers.
Cost to Attend:

  • Registration pricing to be announced
  1. 7th International Conference on Internet of Things 2017
    October 22- October 25
    Linz, Austria

7th International Conference on Internet of Things 2017
The 7th International Conference on Internet of Things 2017 addresses opportunities that exist for various industries if they capitalize on the technology needed for IoT. This means that product design and manufacturing professionals and organizations need to be in line with software developers in order to deliver the IoT products consumers want. That’s why the International Conference on Internet of Things 2017 provides a venue for sharing the latest research and advancements relating to all areas of development for IoT, through keynote speakers, technical sessions, demo sessions, tutorial sessions, and more.
Cost to Attend:

  • Registration pricing to be announced
  1. Internet of Things Applications USA
    November 15- November 16
    Santa Clara, CA

Internet of Things Applications USA
An IDTechEx event, Internet of Things Applications USA 2017 promises to focus on the opportunities associated with IoT. Attendees will assess the realistic business models, case studies, and potential value IoT presents. This year’s theme is Connecting the Edge, and the conference will include the full scope of IoT systems.
Cost to Attend:

  • 2-Day Conference, Exhibition Pass, Audio Recordings, plus 4 Masterclass Sessions: $2,459.00
  • 2-Day Conference, Exhibition Pass, Audio Recordings, plus 3 Masterclass Sessions: $2,279.00
  •  2-Day Conference, Exhibition Pass, Audio Recordings, plus 2 Masterclass Sessions: $2,039.00
  • 2-Day Conference, Exhibition Pass, Audio Recordings, plus 1 Masterclass Session: $1,739.00
  • 2-Day Conference, Exhibition Pass, Audio Recordings: $1,259.00
  •  2 Day Conference, Exhibition Pass: $959.00
  • Academic Pass: 2 Day Conference, Exhibition Pass: $495
  1. 2017 LIGHTFAIR International
    May 7- May 11
    Philadelphia, PA

2017 LIGHTFAIR International
LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) is a specialized product design and manufacturing conference, as it is one of the largest architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conferences in the world. LFI features six pavilions showcasing product-specific manufacturers, a conference with more than 200 hours of accredited education opportunities, the LFI trade show floor, and much more. Lighting industry designers and professionals also enjoy the networking and special events that take place during LFI.
Cost to Attend:

  • Exhibition: $79.00
  • 3-Day Conference Package: $695.00
  • 3-Hour Conference Workshop: $220.00
  • 90-Minute Tour: $120.00
  1.  Fluxible
    September 18- September 24
    Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Described as “the UX party disguised as a conference,” Flexible offers seven days of fun, speakers, and opportunities to connect and network with your peers. Workshops such as Design for Understanding, Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, and Design Thinking for Innovation are available at Flexible 2017 on September 22, prior to the main program beginning on September 23.
Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird: $445.00
  1. WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2017
    July 25- July 26
    San Francisco

WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2017
WT | Wearable Technologies brings its conference to San Francisco to offer engineers, manufacturers, and startups a space to participate in discussions about wearable solutions. See the latest advancements and developments in wearables and network with professionals spanning the entire wearable tech ecosystem at WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2017.
Cost to Attend:

  • Super Early Bird Ticket Available until March 31, 2017: $500.00
  • Company Bundle S – Super Early Bird Available until March 31, bundle of 3 tickets at a reduced price: $450.00
  • Company Bundle M – Super Early Bird: $380.00
  • Demo Package – Super Early Bird Available until March 31, exhibition package including 2 tickets, a demo table and 2 chairs: $2000.00
    November 6- November 9
    Chicago, IL

FABTECH is specifically geared toward the metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing crowd. Taking place in Chicago this fall, FABTECH is a metal manufacturing conference that gives attendees the opportunity to meet the top suppliers, preview the industry’s latest products and developments, and discover the new tools that will increase productivity and profits.
Cost to Attend:

  • Early bird: Not open
  • After the deadline and on-site the fee is $50.00
  1. Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology 2017
    June 12- June 14
    San Francisco, CA

Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology 2017
Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology is presented by Wearable Tech UX, which works to help wearables designers enhance their products by keeping the user experience in mind. One feature that was new in 2016 that we hope continues in 2017 were the flash talks, which gave attendees a glimpse into some of the most innovative and unique technologies in the industry. Check back for more information about Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology for 2017.
Cost to Attend:

  • Super Early Bird Ends 2/25
  • WEAR 2017: Delegate Pass: $1,299.00
  • Early Bird Ends 4/21
  • WEAR 2017: Delegate Pass: $1,399.00
  • Standard
  • WEAR 2017: Delegate Pass: $1,599.00
  1. iASummit
    March 22- March 26
    Vancouver, CA

Now in its 17th year, the Information Architecture Summit is the foremost gathering of professionals who work to create and manage information spaces, including information architects, user experience designers, content strategists, and more. The whole community gets together to optimize their craft, find solutions, and take part in awesome workshops. Speakers arrive from all over the world like Matthew Edgar, and Krispian Emert.
Cost to Attend:

  • Member: $950.00
  • Non-Member: $1050.00
  • Unemployed or Students: $720.00
  • Workshops Full Day: $650.00
  1. International Symposium on Wearable Computers 2017
    September 11- September 15
    Maui, HI

International Symposium on Wearable Computers 2017
The 21st International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC 2017) focuses on the latest advancements and research in wearable technologies and provides a forum for wearable computing and all of the issues associated with wearable tech. Join researchers, product vendors, fashion designers, textile manufacturers, users, and other design and manufacturing professionals at ISWC 2017 to take part in workshops, a design competition, the gadget show, and presentations for sharing the latest wearable tech advancements.
Cost to Attend:

  • Registration pricing to be announced
  1. Design Content Conference 2017
    July 17- July 19
    Vancouver, CA

Design Content Conference 2017
The Design Content Conference 2017 is an awesome event where experienced people discuss the top strategies taking place in their field. You’ll hear from industry leaders about trends taking place within this craft and how they are shaping the future of the web. The conference includes two days of informative talks from industry leaders, one full day of workshops, and valuable extras in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Some speakers include: Beth Dean, Eileen Webb, Jon Crowley, Ron Bronson, and Steve Fisher.
Cost to Attend:

  • Standard (April 1-June 24, 2017): $895.00
  • Late (June 25-July 17, 2017): $995.00
  • Students (Full time student status required): $250.00
  • GDC Students (GDC Student Members): $150.00
  1. Automation Fair
    November 15- November 16
    Houston, TX

Automation Fair
Presented by Rockwell Automation, Automation Fair provides a forum for exploring a range of smart, safe, and sustainable manufacturing solutions. Manufacturing professionals and product design engineers attend industry forums, user group meetings, hands-on labs, technical sessions, and demonstrations to learn the latest control, power, and information technologies at Automation Fair.
Cost to Attend:

  • Registration pricing to be announced
  1. International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly 2017
    June 6- June 7
    Providence, RI

International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly 2017
2016 marked the 31st year of the International Forum on Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) forum, and it’s coming back in June of 2017. The conference centers on early design analysis methodologies and implementation and explores the ways in which DFMA impacts product development through manufacture. This product design and manufacturing conference is well suited for mechanical designers, manufacturing engineers, and other professionals who take part in supply chain management, CAD modeling, and prototyping.
Cost to Attend:

  • Conference fee: $895.00
  • Post-Conference Short Course Fee: $595.00
  1. An Event Apart 2017
    April 3- April 5
    Seattle, WA

An Event Apart 2017
This year the event will take place in Seattle, WA. The conference brings together the industry best, and they’ll focus on digital design, UX, and more. The people attending want to improve their job skills, and network with the industry best. The conference will also cover what’s trending and how the internet is changing over the years. AEA attendees consist of forward-thinking leaders, professionals working in the UX and design fields, and anyone with an interest in the future of design, code, and content.
Cost to Attend:

  • A full registration is $1,290 until two months before the event’s start date.
  • A conference registration is $995 until two months before the event’s start date
  • A Day Apart registration is $499 until two months before the event’s start date
  1. University of Illinois Webcon
    April 5- April 7
    Champaign, IL

University of Illinois Webcon
The annual University of Illinois Webcon event where industry leaders will be discussing new trends taking place. The conference is 3-days and covers topics like design, social media, development, and content marketing. The speakers include: Matt King – Facebook Accessibility Specialist, Cyrene Quiamco – Snapchat Artist, Saron Yitbarek- Founder of CodeNewbie, among others.
Cost to Attend:

  • Registration pricing to be announced
  1. UXIFY US 2017
    April 7
    Cranbury, NJ

UXify 2017 is taking place on April 7 in Cranbury, NJ. This event is one day and full of presentations from industry leaders providing a unique perspective on the future of UX and design. This event is perfect for those people experienced in design, such as Interactive and Visual Designers, Developers, and more. UXify promises an informative experience for anyone passionate about great UX and interested in learning the latest trends and best practices in the field.
Cost to Attend:

  • General Admission: Free
  1. Creative South 2017
    April 6- April 9
    Columbus, GA

Creative South 2017
The Creative South 2017 event takes place on April 6 to April 9. It’s a weekend of creative thinking, exploration, and collaboration.  Everyone attending will enjoy workshops, talks focused on process and experience, and meeting old friends as well as making new ones. You’ll also have a chance to network with some of the top industry leaders, and have a whole lot of fun too!
Cost to Attend:

  • Explorer Tickets: $297.00
  • Workshops: $150.00
  1. UXDC 2017
    April 14- April 15
    Washington, DC

UXDC 2017
The UXPA DC 2017 is focused on innovation, with attendees spanning a variety of related fields including Usability/UX Testers, User Researchers, Information Architects, and Interaction Designers, along with other professionals who understand (or want to learn more about) the competitive advantages of UX in today’s climate, such as Business Analysts, Cognitive Scientists, Copywriters, Project Managers, and more.
Cost to Attend:

  • Conference – Saturday, April 15: $320.00
  • Workshops – Friday, April 14: $150.00- $290.00 (depending on workshop)
  1. ProfSoux 2017
    April 15
    St. Petersburg, Russia

ProfSoux 2017
The #1 conference for User Experience professionals in Russia, ProfsoUX is organized by a local non-profit community of UX professionals. The first ProfsoUX event was held in 2012, and the event touches on topics such as scientific research, development, automation of design, visualization, and more.
Cost to Attend:

  • ProfsoUX Conference: RUB 7,500.00
  • Usable Usability Master-class: RUB 17,000.00
  • Users Interview Workshop: RUB 14,000.00
  1. Conversion Conference 2017
    April 19- April 20
    Las Vegas, NV

Conversion Conference 2017
The Conversion Conference 2017 is being held in Las Vegas, NV on April 19 to April 20. You’ll hear from industry leading speakers who will give you strategies for fast, measurable digital marketing success. Those attending the conference will have access to their favorite speakers to ask questions and network. During the exhibition. You’ll interact with the leading Conversion Rate Optimization related companies will be there to answer your questions.
Cost to Attend:

  • Two day full conference pass: $1697.00
  • Combo pass: ConvCon + Email Innovations Summit: $1997.00
  • One day conference pass: $1297.00
  • One day social networking pass: $275.00
  • Intro to CRO Workshop: $997.00
  1. UX In The City 2017
    April 20- April 21
    Oxford, UK

UX In The City 2017
This conference has a strong practical focus, attracting a variety of industry professionals, particularly decision-makers, looking to provide a great user experience to their clients. After attending this conference, you’ll leave with a handful of great ideas, new skills, and new contacts which will help you expand your business going forward.
Cost to Attend:

  • 2 Day Ticket: £380.00
  • 1 Day Ticket: £199.00
  • Workshops + 2 Day Conference: £747.00
  1. Leading Experience 2017
    April 24- April 25
    San Francisco, CA

Leading Experience 2017
The Leading Experience Conference 2017 being held in San Francisco, California will prepare the leaders of today for the challenges they’ll face in the future. You’ll learn about design hurdles, designing organizations, driving change at scale, and continuously delivering better outcomes for businesses and people. This community is perfect for those who are responsible for leading the design and delivery at their organization. At this conference, we’ll speak about design, organizations, and leadership in a world of increasing complexity.
Cost to Attend:
Full Conference – Regular Price: $2395.00

  1. Squares Conference 2017
    April 26- April 28
    Grapevine, TX

Squares Conference 2017
The Square Conference 2017 is taking place in Grapevine, TX. It’s an awesome 3-day event where people from around the world gather to discuss design, innovation, trends, and marketing. It’s reasonably priced to give everyone a chance to attend. During the conference, you’ll get a chance to mingle and network with the industry bests.
Cost to Attend:

  • Professional: $297.00
  • Group (5+): $280.00
  • Student: $267.00
  1. MinneWebCon 2017
    May 1- May 2
    Minneapolis, MN

MinneWebCon 2017
The MinneWebCon 2017 event takes place on May 1- May 2 in Minneapolis, MN. It’s a 2-day event which encourages knowledge sharing about current trends taking place in the design industry. Keynote speakers are Safiya Noble and Samuel Sinyangwe. In addition to these two keynote speakers, the conference is a space for speakers and attendees to collaborate, talk, learn, ask, test, and grow.
Cost to Attend:

  • Standard ticket: $200.00
  • Non-profit, education, or government ticket: $150.00
  • Student ticket (full-time at any school, college, or university): $150.00
  • One Workshop (AM or PM): $120.00
  • Two Workshops (AM and PM): $200.00
  1. UXAlive 2017
    May 3- May 4
    Istanbul, Turkey

UXAlive 2017
For the last two years, the UXAlive conference has been very successful. The goal has always been to bring digital agencies, professionals, start-ups, and designers together to share knowledge while networking with each other. This year, the schedule is pursued as one day for speeches and another day for workshops. Topics include: E-commerce, Mobile, Digital Media, Content, Startups, UX Methodology, Optimization, Usability, Service Design and more.
Cost to Attend:

  • Conference & 1 Day Workshops: € 400.00
  • Conference Day Only: € 280.00
  • Conference & 1 Day Workshops: € 350.00
  1. That Conference 2017
    August 7- August 9
    Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

That Conference 2017
This conference is known as a “Summer Camp for Geeks.” Held in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin at the Kalahari Resort from August 7 to August 9, it’s a chance for you to network with designers and developers, share ideas, and more over three action-packed days. This event, a gathering of pioneers, developers, and creators in the UX community,  is perfect for everyone who cares about creating great experiences and building the UX community.
Cost to Attend:

  • Ends April 30th: $425.00
  • Starting May 1st: $525.00
  • Attendee’s Family Members: $49.99
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