Top Industrial Design Blogs: 50 Leading Blogs on Industrial Design and Engineering

Industrial design involves creating products that maximize function, value, and appearance for manufacturers and consumers. Industrial designers sketch, model, and prototype to create original designs or exist existing designs, and they often are guided by their clients’ and manufacturers’ specific requirements. Industrial designers often work with project managers, marketers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals.
Industrial designers are highly sought after individuals these days, as consumers and companies demand wearables, products relating to the Internet of Things (IoT), and innovative technology. Because industrial designers utilize an imaginative process, they often seek inspiration and new ideas while developing concepts and designs for manufactured products. They also seek tips and strategies for using tools such as Autodesk, SOLIDWORKS, and 3D modeling and printing. That’s why we at Pannam have rounded up the 50 top industrial design blogs, so that industrial designers easily can access information and insights from their peers and experts in the field. Please note, we have listed our top industrial design blogs here, in no particular order.
1. Core77
Core77 has a dedicated global audience of industrial designers that ranges from industrial design students to established professionals. Core77 shares articles, discussion forums, job listings, and more to give its designers and followers a place to learn and engage.
Three posts we like from Core77:

2. Yanko Design
Yanko Design
Yanko Design is an online magazine that covers top international product design news and trends. This industrial design blog features several categories, including product design, technology, automotive, and lighting. With its take on modern industrial design news, Yanko Design has earned a place among the top industrial design blogs.
Three posts we like from Yanko Design:

3. Fast Co. Design
Fast Co Design
Fast Company is known for inspiring its readers to go beyond the traditional and impact the future, and their industrial design blog, Fast Co. Design, is just as trendsetting. Fast Co. Design features the latest design news and innovations in industrial design, and it is simple to search for topics relating to industrial design within the blog archives as well.
Three posts we like from Fast Co. Design:

4. Industrial Design Sandbox
Industrial Design Sandbox
Industrial Design Sandbox is a blog by Jason Morris, industrial design professor at Western Washington University. This industrial design bog features posts about industrial design education, vehicle design, bicycles, creativity, and much more.
Three posts we like from Industrial Design Sandbox:

5. IDSA News & Info
IDSA News and Info
The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) is one of the oldest and largest membership organizations for industrial design professionals. IDSA News & Info is not a blog in the traditional sense of the word, but it does provide industrial design news and insights in much the same way that a blog does. IDSA News & Info features both videos and articles.
Three posts we like from IDSA News & Info:

6. DesignMind
A global design and strategy firm, Frog Design presents its industrial design blog, DesignMind. DesignMind features stories about industrial design for several industries, including telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, consumer electronics, and more.
Three posts we like from DesignMind:

7. Cool Hunting
Cool Hunting
As Cool Hunting puts it, they provide “a daily update on ideas and products in the intersection of art, design, culture, and technology.” As we put it, they are a top industrial design blog because they offer the latest trends, news, and innovation in industrial design in their Product Design category of blog posts.
Three posts we like from Cool Hunting:

8. Tuvie
Tuvie is dedicated to industrial designs, gadgets, product designs, futuristic technology, and so much more, making it a robust industrial design blog. We especially like Tuvie’s detailed list of post categories, because it makes it simple to find exactly the industrial design content we are looking for.
Three posts we like from Tuvie:

9. AutoCAD Insider
AutoCAD Insider
Industrial designers know that AutoCAD is a powerful 2D/3D CAD software. They may not know that Heidi Hewitt, AutoCAD technical marketing manager, educates Autodesk customers, partners, and employees through the AutoCAD Insider blog. This industrial design blog covers categories such as 3D modeling and 3D visualization, user interface, and more. It also offers tutorials and explanations for AutoCAD, including links to AutoCAD 2006-2016 videos, which especially are helpful for those new to industrial design.
Three posts we like from AutoCAD Insider:

10. Industrial Design Served
Industrial Design Served
Behance is an online community for showcasing and discovering creative work. Industrial Design Served is a Behance Served Site that features curated work from leading industrial designers on Behance. While intended to showcase work so that companies can find talent, Industrial Design Served is a great source of inspiration for industrial designers as a whole.
Three posts we like from Industrial Design Served:

11. Realise Product Design Blog
Realise Product Design Blog
Realise is a full-service product design and innovation consultancy that helps businesses profit from great design. Their industrial design blog, the Realise Product Design Blog, offers news, innovation, insight, and advice, and trends in product design.
Three posts we like from Realise Product Design Blog:

12. Car Body Design
Car Body Design
Car Body Design is for designers, engineers, students, and automotive design and engineering enthusiasts. Car Body Design features articles covering sketching, design tutorials, design news, and the industrial design directory, with links to industrial design studios and industrial design product sketching. That’s why Car Body Design so much more than a run-of-the-mill industrial design or automotive design blog.
Three posts we like from Car Body Design:

13. Design Juices
Design Juices
Design Juices, owned and run by Jared Thompson, is an online creative blog that features the best designers and artists and includes creativity and inspiration for industrial designers. Design Juices also shares interviews with top designers, so that others can learn from their work. The Product Design category of posts presents especially helpful information and insights for industrial designers.
Three posts we like from Design Juices:

14. Seymourpowell Journal
Seymourepowell Journal
Seymourpowell, a leading global design and innovation company, shares Seymourpowell Journal, an innovation and product design blog. This industrial design blog features articles on strategy and research, the design process, design strategy, sustainable design, and much more.
Three posts we like from Seymourpowell Journal:

15. RISD Industrial Design Blog
RISD Industrial Design Blog
The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is one of the oldest and best-known colleges of art and design in the U.S. The RISD Industrial Design Blog lives up to the institution’s reputation, as it is one of the top industrial design blogs on the Internet. RISD Industrial Design Blog posts feature student work, the inspiration behind designs, and design innovation, among other industrial design-related topics.
Three posts we like from RISD Industrial Design Blog:

16. Cauvin
Roger Cauvin is a product strategist who blogs at Cauvin. Professional, Cauvin helps companies make better product decisions by applying customer development and lean startup methods. The Cauvin blog shares insightful information about industrial design, from a product strategist’s point of view.
Three posts we like from Cauvin:

17. RIT Industrial Design Blog
RIT Industrial Design Blog
The Industrial Design Blog of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) reflects the institute’s belief that “industrial design education lies at the nexus of theory, process and practice.” It’s not surprising, then, that their blog posts center on these concepts and share the latest news and events from RIT’s industrial design community. This industrial design blog especially is useful for students and those looking to get started in industrial design.
Three posts we like from RIT Industrial Design Blog:

18. The Internet of Things Council Blog
The Internet of Things Council Blog
Rob van Kranenburg is the founder of The Internet of ThIngs Council, a loose group of professionals with various ideas and opinions on the Internet of Things (IoT). Because industrial design is playing a large role in the IoT, industrial designers would be wise to check out The Internet of Things Council Blog, one of the most informative IoT blogs on the Web.
Three posts we like from The Internet of Things Council Blog:

19. Best CAD Tips
Best CAD Tips
Mark Sadler, designer and CAD/BIM/Revit consultant, is the man behind the Best CAD Tips blog. With categories ranging from 3D CAD to Revit to automation, as well as posts that are tutorials in nature, Best CAD Tips is an informative resource for industrial designers.
Three posts we like from Best CAD Tips:

20. Between the Lines
Between the Lines
Mechanical designer and Autodesk technologist in the office of the CTO, Shaan Hurley knows a thing or two about engineering and design. He also knows just about everything there is to know about Autodesk, which makes his blog, Between the Lines, useful for industrial designers. Hurley writes posts that fall into such categories as AutoCAD, design, tips-n-tricks, 3D printing, and more.
Three posts we like from Between the Lines:

21. Lynn Allen’s Blog
Lynn Allens Blog
Autodesk evangelist Lynn Allen shares the latest AutoCAD and other AutoDesk news, highlights, and events on her blog. A fully-featured blog suited for industrial designers, Lynn Allen’s blog includes AutoCAD tips and tricks booklets, Catalyst tips and tricks videos, and tutorial-like posts featuring videos.
Three posts we like from Lynn Allen’s Blog:

22. Edison Nation Blog
Edison Nation Blog
Edison Nation exists to help individuals and designers “get product ideas out of your head and onto store shelves, all at no risk to you.” Edison Nation features a targeted approach to product development and licensing, and they also help companies that seek innovative products. Their blog covers 3D printing, industrial design, inventor resources, prototyping, and much more to help industrial designers and others who design products. Those new to industrial design especially will appreciate the tips and insights available on the Edison Nation Blog.
Three posts we like from Edison Nation Blog:

23. Industrial Design History
Industrial Design History
Industrial Design History exists to celebrate the industrial design profession. Designed as a resource for industrial designers, design historians, and anyone interested in design, Industrial Design History provides a space for designers to share their designs, stories, and more.
Three posts we like from Industrial Design History:

24. CAD-a-Blog
CAD writer and author of AutoCAD Fundamentals & Advanced AutoCAD Techniques, Brian Benton is the man behind the CAD-a-Blog. Benton shares CAD tips, drafting techniques, and tech news for industrial designers on the blog, which also features webcasts and reviews. CAD-a-Blog contains so much informative, useful content, including mini-tutorials, that our only wish is that Benton would update it more regularly.
Three posts we like from CAD-a-Blog:

25. Japanese Design
Japanese Design
Japanese Design exclusively shares information relating to Japanese design, especially because there are so few blogs that do. The product design category of the Japanese Design blog is best studied to industrial designers, because it includes posts featuring innovative designs that may serve as inspiration for industrial design.
Three posts we like from Japanese Design:

26. 3D CAD World
3D CAD World
3D CAD World shares tips, tricks, news, and more on major 3D CAD packages. They also offer blog posts relating to industrial design, such as those about simulation for the design process, top down modeling with CAD, and more.
Three posts we like from 3D CAD World:

27. 3D Engineer
3D Engineer
3D Engineer offers tutorials and articles about engineering, design, new product development, and marketing. Blog categories for this industrial design blog include 3D printer reviews, CAD, Solidworks, SolidEdge, and much more.
Three posts we like from 3D Engineer:

28. ProductDesignHub
Product Design Hub
ProductDesignHub is an online community for industrial designers to socialize, create, and share. This industrial design community features resources, forums, information about competitions and events, and blog posts covering design insights, design news and events, designer interviews, design tools and resources, and more.
Three posts we like from ProductDesignHub:

29. CADDManager Blog
CADDManager Blog
CADDManger Blog is an industrial design blog that offers practical insight into CAD management. Mark Kiker, director of information technology for SIATech, is the man behind CADDManager Blog. Kiker offers the latest CAD tools, techniques, tips, and technology to the user community, including tips on using the software and managing the environment, tricks for optimizing CAD tools, training resources, and more.
Three posts we like from CADDManager:

DEVELOP3D is an industrial design blog that focuses on product design, development, and manufacturing, plus the technology behind it, such as CAD and 3D printing. The blog also includes links to DEVELOP3D magazine articles, reverse engineering, and sustainability.
Three posts we like from DEVELOP3D:

31. The CAD Setter Out
The CAD Setter Out
Paul Munford is the CAD Setter Out, a self-described “big CAD geek,” and a guy who does not want CAD software to be a barrier to industrial designers’ creativity or productivity. Mumford uses his blog to provide tips, tricks, and tutorials for AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor, in order to help industrial designers with their industrial design projects. Featured tutorials from The CAD Setter Out include AutoCAD tutorials, Inventor tutorials, and technical drawing tutorials.
Three posts we like from The CAD Setter Out:

32. CADTutor
David Watson runs the CADTutor blog and teaches digital design at the University of Greenwich. A qualified Landscape Architect who specializes in Visual Impact Assessment, Watson uses AutoCAD in his professional life and seeks to help beginners learn how to use the application, as well as experienced users become more efficient in using the application. CADTutor, therefore, is a blog that is useful to new and experienced industrial designers who want to acquire or sharpen their AutoCAD skills, because it offers written and video tutorials, articles, a forum, and links to the CADTutor YouTube channel.
Three posts we like from CADTutor:

33. SolidSmack
SolidSmack is an industrial design blog covering product design, 3D CAD, technology, engineering, and more. Blog post categories include design, CAD, FAB, news, and interviews, among others, and it is simple to search for exactly the content you want to boost your industrial design knowledge or get inspired.
Three posts we like from SolidSmack:

34. A Smarter Planet
A Smarter Planet Blog
A Smarter Planet blog is the place for industrial designers and inventors to discuss topics and perspectives relating to IBM’s Smarter Planet initiatives; it also engages readers in meaningful dialogue about using smarter technologies to improve our world. While the blog has a lofty purpose and covers a multitude of topics and categories, the posts about the Internet of Things and environmentally-friendly industrial design and manufacturing are more than relevant to today’s industrial designers.
Three posts we like from A Smarter Planet:

35. The Inventor Education Blog
The Inventor Education Blog
Mark Reyland, creator of The Inventor Education Blog, is a professional inventor, experienced CEO, and innovation consultant. The Inventor Education Blog shares more than 1,500 educational articles about inventing, plus design resources and videos. Ideal for those just starting their industrial design careers, The Inventor Education Blog shares Reyland’s knowledge and expertise completely free of charge.
Three posts we like from The Inventor Education Blog:

36. Design Sojourn
Design Sojourn
Design Sojourn is an authority on design thinking, ethnographic design research, design led innovation strategies, and experience design. Over the years, Design Sojourn has evolved from a strictly industrial design blog to a strategic design and innovation consultancy that focuses on helping organizations leverage design led innovation to improve people’s lives with products, services, systems, and processes. Today’s Design Sojourn blog posts cover design leadership, design processes, industrial design, and so much more.
Three posts we like from Design Sojourn:

37. Bicycle Design
Bicycle Design
James Thomas is an industrial designer who designs products by day but also is a cyclist who has a passion for bicycles. Thomas brought the Bicycle Design blog to readers for 10 years, until November 2015, but his archived posts are a treat for fellow industrial designers and bicycle enthusiasts. The blog is the place for discussion of design in the bicycle industry.
Three posts we like from Bicycle Design:

38. Design Milk
Design Milk
Design Milk is a blog at the interception of modern technology and design. Industrial designers will find ample posts in their field from Design Milk, including those about industrial design trends, product design innovations, .
Three posts we like from Design Milk:

39. Industrial Design and Innovation Blog
Industrial Design and Innovation Blog
Industrial Design and Innovation Blog is the blog of the department of industrial design and innovation at the Auckland University of Technology School of Art and Design in Auckland, New Zealand. AUT is on a mission to produce graduates of the highest caliber who are great designers and thinkers who care about the impacts of their design decisions. The institution’s dedication to design education and information comes through their industrial design blog posts.
Three posts we like from Industrial Design and Innovation Blog:

40. Studioclues
Studioclues is the industrial design blog and portfolio site of Thomas Murray, senior industrial designer at Bresslergroup. As in industrial designer, Murray shares insights and news on all things industrial design and categorizes his posts by industrial design tools, product watch, tech watch, and opinion, among other categories. He also includes a section geared toward industrial design students.
Three posts we like from Studioclues:

41. i4 Product Design Blog
i4 Product Design Blog
i4 is a company with a passion for design and creativity. Their product design blog features design picks of the month, events, the latest news in industrial design, and trends in renewables, medical devices, and technology. Industrial designers are sure to find a few articles that appeal to their own sense of design and creativity when they visit the i4 Product Design Blog.
Three posts we like from i4 Product Design Blog:

42. AutoCAD Tips Blog
AutoCAD Tips Blog
The AutoCAD Tips Blog shares tips and tutorials for AutoCAD users, so they can work faster and smarter. This blog suitable for beginning industrial designers and those who want to sharpen their AutoCAD skills is presented by Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD expert, trainer, speaker, and author. Finkelstein’s posts cover 3D, customization, drawing, plotting and output, and so much more for the industrial design process.
Three posts we like from AutoCAD Tips Blog:

43. CADnotes
CADnotes offers tutorials, tips, and tricks for industrial design students and professionals to increase their productivity. Blog posts focus on AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and MicroStation, and the archives include AutoLISP articles. Any industrial design student who struggles with CAD should check out CADnotes.
Three posts we like from CADnotes:

44. Boxer’s SOLIDWORKS Blog
Deepak Gupta is a mechanical design engineer working on product development who blogs about SOLIDWORKS on his Boxer’s SOLIDWORKS Blog. The blog for industrial designers and other professionals using SOLIDWORKS shares videos, a macros library, news, and tips and tricks.
Three posts we like from Boxer’s SOLIDWORKS Blog:

45. SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin
SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips Videos and Tutorials from Javelin
Canada’s leading provider of 3D design and 3D printing solutions and services, Javelin Technologies offers its blog, SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin, a complete SOLIDWORKS resource. This blog is useful for anyone in industrial design because it addresses frequently asked questions about SOLIDWORKS and offers tips and tricks for those using the program.
Three posts we like from SOLIDWORKS Tech Tips, Videos & Tutorials from Javelin:

46. CADD Edge Engineering & Design Blog
CADD Edge Engineering and Design Blog
CADD Edge is the northeast’s leading provider of engineering systems, including SOLIDWORKS, 3D CAD,and 3D printers. They also provide one of the top industrial design blogs, CADD Edge Engineering & Design Blog. This blog offers SOLIDWORKS tips, tricks, and news from CADD Edge.
Three posts we like from CADD Edge Engineering & Design Blog:

47. Michael Lord
Michael Lord
Michael Lord is a designer and engineer responsible for the design and development of motorhomes and special purpose vehicles who has more than 30 years experience in design and manufacturing. Lord’s industrial design blog bears his name and shares his expertise in SOLIDWORKS and CAD; the blog also has been recognized and awarded by and TenLinks for its outstanding contribution to the SOLIDWORKS community.
Three posts we like from Michael Lord:

48. Product Design and Development
Product Design and Development
Product Design and Development is a leading source for product design and engineering news and insight. Industrial designers appreciate the Product Design and Development posts because they include design tools, industrial automation, manufacturing, and prototyping trends and news, plus information about wearables and robotics.
Three posts we like from Product Design and Development:

49. DesignBytes
The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) shares news and information about industrial design at DesignBytes. DesignBytes is a carefully curated collection of industrial design news, trends, and information that allows industrial designers to access as much current content about their field as they want.
Three posts we like from DesignBytes:

50. Logic PD Insights Blog
Logic PD Insights
Logic PD provides complete product lifecycle services for the digital world, from IoT to MedTech. They also provide the Logic PD Insights Blog, which shares posts about product strategy, research and development, testing, and more. Industrial designers with an eye to products and manufacturing will especially be fond of the Logic PD Insights Blog.
Three posts we like from Logic PD Insights Blog:

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