Don't Lose Sleep Over Membrane Switch Design: Watch Pannam's New Video

Are your product engineers losing sleep stressing over the many things that could happen to your product’s membrane switch, resulting in a complete and utter failure of the entire user interface? Studies show that membrane switch design is a leading cause of insomnia among product designers and engineers. (Actually, we made that up. But the product engineers reading this were probably nodding their heads in agreement.)
Environmental conditions can spell trouble for your membrane switch
See, there are lots of sticky situations that your products may find themselves in. Sticky situations such as exposure to moisture, extreme heat, harsh chemicals, or even mechanical abuse, which can lead to a dome collapse.
Moisture? Extreme heat? These environmental hazards could cause an LED to fail.
Today’s users are savvier, smarter, and more discriminating, so even a partial failure such as a failed LED can cloud the perceived quality of your product. That’s not to mention the possibility that users encountering these issues will tell 10,000 of their closest friends on the Internet about their shoddy new gadget that ended up with malfunctioning LEDs within weeks of purchase.
There’s no need to lose sleep over your membrane switch design. Watch our new video to learn how Pannam Imaging can help you make the right switch for your application for a reliable user interface that won’t fail your users – or your company.

Designing with worst-case scenarios in mind
Any of the scenarios outlined above can spell disaster for a membrane switch that hasn’t been designed with worst-case scenarios in mind, leading to unreliable user interface functionality, or worse, complete failure. And because we all know that a malfunctioning user interface basically renders the entire product worthless, you can imagine what will ultimately become of the products your team spent thousands of hours refining and perfecting.
Here’s the good news: You don’t really have to worry about it. Why? Because Pannam Imaging’s experienced engineers take care of all the sleepless nights pondering every conceivable worst-case scenario so that you don’t have to. In fact, Pannam has designed so many membrane switches for such a variety of applications that we know what materials and components are best-suited for most situations.
Balancing function and aesthetics with durability
At Pannam, we ask all the right questions and conduct diligent research to be sure that we produce the right membrane switch design with the right materials capable of withstanding whatever your end users may throw at it. But durability isn’t the only goal of membrane switch design. The most successful products – those that gain widespread adoption and massive market share – are the products that have found that delicate balance between the right materials and methods for a durable membrane switch, the right functional components for exceptional usability, and the aesthetic appeal consumers demand.
From mechanical problems to exposure to harsh chemicals or outdoor elements, or even less-than-ideal treatment from the end user, you need a membrane switch that can take it all and still perform to impeccable standards. Your product’s reputation depends on it, as does your company’s success.

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