Shelly Stazzone

How to Get Your First Job in Electronics Engineering

When you decided to pursue a career in electronics engineering, you knew the road wouldn’t be easy. You knew the studying would be difficult and intense, but the ultimate payoff – landing your dream job as an electronics engineer – would be well worth your effort. Now that you have your degree in-hand and your …

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50 Gadgets with Exceptional Usability

Have you ever been excited to use a gadget that does something really amazing, only to be disappointed by the sheer frustration of getting it to actually work? Usability is so critical to any device or gadget that even the most sophisticated gadgets are worthless without it. At Pannam, we manufacturer custom, user-interface membrane switch technology, …

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Remote Control Infographic

Remote controls have made all our lives easier. From universal remote control televisions and other consumer electronics, to remote controlled garages to advances in remote controlled surgeries, there’s no denying that the ability to control things remotely has improved the quality of life for everyone. But is there a downside to all this? Worse yet, …

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